Grizzly’s Convoy L7 Review – Forget Maglite

Grizzly’s Convoy L7 Review – Forget Maglite

A 20.5A buck driver?!! Man, if it’s keeping it perfectly in regulation, that’s really impressive.

Man, convoy seems to have a particular nack for making almost perfect lights. The dual switch UI is such a strange choice for a light this long! The L8 UI with this host would be a no-brainer. I think I recall dual switch lights where the functionality was mirrored (you could use either switch the same way), which I think would also be quite nice (letting you choose grips and always having convenient access to the controls). As it stands, I just don’t think I could get past a light that requires two hands to operate.

i’ll buy one once they release the new 2700K 98 CRI sbt90.3

since this is BLF…
what is the total cost?
including shipping/tax/etc.

US $90.55

Silver ano would be perfect


Having black anodization on the head is definitely good for heat dissipation reasons, but silver for the tube would be indeed “perfect”.

No need for black ano since the air at night is black, thus already good for heat dissipation. :nerd_face: :wink:

jk sorry :open_mouth:

Hahah no no, just a sucker for those CRI myself. So far my high power light is a Sofirn SP70 but maybe that will change eventually.

Depends on your location. Check the product links in the “”The Boring Stuff” section”:Convoy L7 Review – Forget Maglite – Grizzly's Reviews for accurate pricing.

Forget Maglite?

Maglite hasn't been relevant for a looong time!

Great review but am now spoiled by the excellent drone shots.

It will be hard to view any beam shots and not now wonder how they would look from the drone eye view.

Last Maglite I purchased was in the late 90’s. Cant even give them away today.

Hey, that’s not true, they’re so relevant that I keep a 2D one in my car!

Because no other electronic makes for such an inconspicuous bludgeon :smiley:

Oh, have I mentioned the cells in it are dead since 2015? :stuck_out_tongue:

Naw, they’re still good for hittin’ people over the head with.

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Every time maglite gets mentioned the same old boomer joke.

The same joke because it’s still true and relevant! Unlike M@g-Lite. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Convoy L7 is really impressive. Love how Simon is developing buck and boost drivers as that was almost unheard of in the budget sector but is so important for a light that is used as a tool rather than a toy. If there is a 2700k SBT90.3 90CRI coming, I’m definitely going to grab one or two of this.