Grizzly's Rovyvon E3 Review – A Keychain Light that’s Different

Rovyvon E3 Review – A Keychain Light that’s Different

Nice review!

I have a couple of RovyVon Aurora model lights. The older A8 (130 mAh, NW, some PWM on low & med) and the 2nd gen A5 (300 mAh, NW, no PWM). While I kind of detest these built-in cells, the ones RovyVon installs do a great job of minimal discharge while not in use. I let my A8 go for 6 months without use, and it still worked (even after about 5 minutes of use between high and medium, no low charge indication). So they really hold up well. Charging from low is pretty quick too.

I almost bought the E200S, as it went on sale for a while… but for the equivalent price there were too many other lights of interest to me. This E3 reminds me of a mini E200S without the side emitters. A really fascinating idea of the built-in LIPO and optional AAA source. Turns out the external AAA battery support is Ni-MH 1.2V, Ni-CD 1.5V, and 10440 Li-ion 3.7V. I got this from the Amazon detail page—it was missing from the RovyVon site! There’s no mention if alkaline AAA will work, but I assume it would (emergency use only—I’d never leave an alkaline inside it while not in use). The built-in LIPO is 330mAh. Frankly, I’d much rather have one large LIPO cell (maybe 700 mAh?). Still, if there’s going to be 3.7V 10440 support, then why not be able to recharge that cell once the built-in LIPO is topped off?