Grizzly's Sofirn D25LR Review - Best Budget Headlamp?

Sofirn D25LR Review - Best Budget Headlamp?

Nice review,
thank you.

I think it is easily the best budget headlamp. A 519A version would be even better!

Great info, thank you!

I agree with you!
LH351D has a greenish tint

What is the parasitic drain on these? My D10 kills a battery in a few days.

Parasitic drain is listed in the driver & regulation section. I got a suspiciously low reading so I double and triple checked, but it’s the lowest parasitic drain I’ve ever measured.

Excellent Review, thank you!!!

These Headlamps are great, I use mine several times a day & love it. I rarely ever use my more expensive brands now.

These are more than worth the modest cost.

There are some fet+1 boards for this series of light, and some other boards, from Quadrupel. I love my anduril d10 and d25s

Anduril you say? Now that’s intriguing.

Not anymore, impossible to get Attiny85. :weary: