Grizzly's Wurkkos TS23 Review - High-Quality Electronics at a Low Price

TS23 is an excellent value. It’s got a bright, name-brand LED and great driver that are typically found in much more expensive models. It’s elegant and well-made. The UI is good and charging is convenient (though I wish it had a powerbank function). It’s a complete package at a reasonable price if you want a super bright and high-quality light to bring along in your coat pocket or bag. Just be sure to lock it out!

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The white wire you mentioned on MCPCB picture is the driver ground on Sofirn SC33, so I’m pretty sure it’s the same in this one.

Thanks for review.

TS23 must use a Boost driver. There’s no other way to drive a 6/12V LED with a single 3.7V battery.

They make 3V xhp70.3’s now eh?

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Oh that’s great to know! This one is definitely the 6/12V version because I measured 5.2-ish volts at the MCPCB wires on Moonlight.

What’s the black wire for then?

Red and black are for led anode and cathode.

If you look at the driver, there’s only one brass ring and it’s for the switch and charging inner “signal” tube.

Battery-minus is connected to flashlight body with unanodized threads on the head, and flashlight body is connected to the driver ground with that white wire.

Aaah I see! That’s interesting that they decided to ground the driver with a wire to the shelf.

Yeah. Weird solution.

That’s the down and dirty (e.g cheap and easy) way to do it when the charging input is not built into the driver PCB. The charging is in the tail, so they need to do this for the charging to work.

I have this one for testing. Really great to see Wurkkos stepping up with these lights. TD01C, etc. buck the trend that nice lights with full feature sets have to be expensive. Plus the performance is decent too for only $40.

Ok that makes sense. Thank you for the explanation!

Thanks. Awesome review as usual. Very interesting flashlight.