Group Buy----APEX GT01 Gas Tin CREE XP-G R5 1xCR123A/16340 Natural HA EDC Flashlight

Hello guys

Here im gonna organize a group buy for Apex GT01 EDC flashlight.

If i can get 10 interests here, group buy can go.

Price: 25usd free shipping by HK mail post

If you are interested, please post "i will take it" here.

Our PP account:

Delivery can go in the same day after receiving the payment.

This group buy lasts to 27th Nov.



I have no will power. I'm in!

I will need 16340 as well

I'm interested. Let me know when you need paying.


so this group buy gets plenty of attention

I'll take one. I've been looking for a single 123 light.

I will take it! This light has "QTC mod" written all over it!!

I wouldn't mind seeing a group buy on the N-light B10 either. ;)

When is the CQG S2 BLF Ed coming out?

I will take it.

I've been on the lookout for another smallish 16340 light. Can anyone tell me what the approximate lumen output would be for each mode based on the below stats from the website?

--3 Modes---Hi>Mid>Lo ; 600mA>130mA>18mA; Current Regulation

Bah, I don't do 16340 lights :( But thanks for the offer Ric! It is good to have you around here :)

I think it's coming within the next couple weeks. That was the update I got from Ric the other day. I'm all over that one. I'm a clicky guy but I'll still probably end up getting this one.

Ric, can we get it for $20 if we get 20+ buyers interested? :)

Just what I was thinking...

From the website:

number Preferences price
20 $19.99


I would definitely buy one for $20.


not enough threads on it for me


Hah! :smiley:

No kidding...there should be at least 3 more threads. :)

I wonder if TSA will strip search me after seeing one of these in my pocket?

19.99usd is for wholesale, it does not include shipping cost.

If the interests go to 20, i can make it 23usd free mail post shipping.



For $23 shipped I´m in.