Group Buy Feeler for Imalent DD2R XM-L2 light *NEW* Coupon code

Spring is around the corner… it’s time for Spring cleaning at Banggood too.
Just want to see if there any interest in this unique and cool looking lights Imalent DD2R XM-L2
if we can get more than 6 people… the Group Buy Price will be $45…
That’s a lot cheaper than Banggood and their 15% off… I’ll say let them have price WAR! J)

Anyone who interested in this cool looking light… just post You want it and how many you want in the thread please :slight_smile:
Okay… look like we’ve got more than 6 to drop the price to $45
So here’s the coupon code BGDD2R coupon will expire June 30th, so you have plenty of time… just in case you can’t buy it this month :wink:
Have fun with it !


1) Ray-o-light
2) jmpaul 320 ( maybe)
3) Chicken Drumstick ( end of the month)
4) Pacbough
5) The Burg (?)
6) bgyen
7) Stephen Wallace

I really like the one I’ve got. A very nice quality mid price-level 1x 18650 with the unique touch screen functionality.

I’ve put mine through 4 or 5 battery swaps and all the output changes involved in that. I don’t see/feel any changes/issues with the touch functionality. Screen is still pristine thanks to the included screen protector.

yeah… this light has a cool features, I’ve been wanting one too since I have TM26, I think this light is a step ahead of other C8’s variants :smiley:

Yup, I’m in!

interested - put me down as a maybe? please :slight_smile:

For $45 I too would be interested. Although I'd prefer to wait for pay day at the end of the month.

how about when the touch screen is wet?does it screw up the modes?my 7” tab got screw up when i accidentally splash some water on the screen :~

I am interested for one.


Would like to see beamshots.

It’s not like one of the iphone/smart phone screens. It’s more like a calculator screen as far as it’s rigidity is concerned. It takes some pressure to change output instead of the slightest touch like a smartphone.

I’ve got some beams towards the end of my review.
If you’d like to see some other comparison shots list out some lights I have a few of the more common budget lights in my collection and I’ll be shooting some more beams for another review tonight or tomorrow anyway.

Yes, the beamshots were helpful.

But the entire review was FANTASTIC. Extremely informative and well written.

Now that I’ve seen the beamshots, I’m feeling mixed about the pronounced corona. It may just be the pictures, but I don’t see much blend (or, conversely, do see distinct transitions) from hotspot/corona/spill.

It’s just in the pictures. The distinctions are far less in person. It’s probably the part I struggle with the most in capturing.
I’ll try to describe it.

At a distance of 10 yards the DD2R’s beam is fairly smooth. There is a definite hotspot though less defined/concentrated than that of a C8 or L4 which have wider and deeper reflectors. The corona is fairly blended with the spill and not really discernable unless you are looking for it.

Out around 50 yards there is a hotspot and some usable spill. The corona is very well blended into the spill. More usable spill than an L4 or C8, the trade off is a less intense hotspot in the DD2R.

Out around 100 there is a hotspot and the spill isn’t very usable.

Pushing the usable hotspot out somewhere around 175-200 yards is pretty much max.

Put me on the list. I’ll take one.

I would be interested in purchasing one.

Coupon code for $45 is updated in OP :slight_smile:

THANK YOU Day Lighter !!!

Excellent, I will be buying this on Thursday, my pay day. :P

Many thanks. Managed to find the funds and just ordered one.