Group buy feeler thread: Acebeam K40M with laser engraving - "BLF Edition"

Hi again,

I know that many of you already bought a K40M from Banggood's GB, but there might be some members who either missed that GB, or just want to have a personalized light.

I'll make this clear: Even the price will be good, it won't be as great as in the previous GB, but here's the kicker: If we get at least 50pcs sold in this GB, we will get FREE LASER ENGRAVING to these lights.

There are four flat surfaces in the body tube. Each of them is about 12 x 66mm. One will have the standard ACEBEAM engraving, other says K40M, but the two remaining ones can have customized text (or logo) with whatever font you want. Each participant can send the desired designs to Acebeam in PDF format. If you want to have a simple text and are fine with the standard font you don't need to send the PDF.

I'm planning to get BLF engraved in one surface and =the= in other.

Minimum number of lights sold in this GB is 30 and maximum is 100. All lights will be sent to engraving as one batch, so we might want to set a deadline for buying these..

Would you like to have one of these? Just say a word, and I'll add you to the list.. :)

List of interested members:

  1. _the_
  2. koyotee
  3. Box
  4. bladesmith3
  5. ilovejesuschrist

Whats the price? Since these are straight from AceBeam and not clearance, I dont see why the price couldn’t be published. Not like there is a MAP considering they are the manufacturer and are seling these to us directly.

Good point. I'll check if the price can be published - but first I try to negotiate it a bit lower still. :)

price please

could i get one engraved microbluebear?

Well.. Of course you can.

Or how about a special "Identity Crisis Edition":
- 1st side: Supbeam
- 2nd side: Microbluebear
- 3rd side: Acebeam
- 4th side: K40Maybe

Depening on the price

When I grow up I wanna be a V54…


depend on the price,but i wish ACEBEAM make X40M :wink:

Depends on price!

I like the identity crisis edition

Good Day _the_,

Interested depending on price....

Thank You Very Much,


I’ve been waiting for a GB on one of these when I actually had money. I’m im depending on price and other details.

Depends on price too…

Yes, vinh…

Jeez, it’ll have to be cheap, as Vinh sells his modded one (3500 OTF lumens) for $165 with intl shipping.
PM me price please.

Edit: loving the X40 from your last GB, I hope you’re at least getting free lights out of this with all the organising you are doing.

I might be interested in one if the price is right but would prefer to hold off for a bit as I have been a little bit of a spending spree in the last month + with 4 Supbeam lights being purchased (2x X40, K50, X60) and I only have been able to hold/play the one x40 thus far. :stuck_out_tongue:

What seller?

I was in on the group buy for the Supbeam X60, but dropped out after I learned more about the UI. Now I might be interested in this one. Does anyone know if this light steps down after running on Max for some time? If it does, can it be pushed back to Max by turning the control ring down a tad, then back up to Max?

Edit: I forgot to ask: does anyone have this light, and the Dry 3x XM-L? I still use the Dry quite frequently, so I’m wondering how this K40M compares to it.