Group buy for BLF light . See new payment thread for further details.

Sounds right.

Can I add an extra driver to my order? That would be a total of 2 hosts, 2 emitters and 3 drivers.

I am not sure if I am understanding one thing correctly.
I sent a payment for 2 delivers and 1 emitter. I understood that if I want tracking # I have to pay 1 $ extra, but
Is it mandatory to pay for registered parcel? I don’t need registration number, so I didn’t pay the extra 1$, let me know if it’s wrong to pay it

Nope not mandatory.

Sure up until I place the order you can add anything you want. Just make sure to add it to your original PM. That will make it easier for me to keep track of everything.

I don’t see a link to the payment thread in the OP.
To help others find it, could you add that?

Payment thread: Payment Thread for C-10 BLF (Refunds sent because FT didn't honor their price)

Thanks, I’ll add that link to the top too.

If someone in Germany wants a dedomed XP-G2 LED and isn't able to do this (or is afraid to do something wrong), write me a PM. Price for the LED, "dedoming" incl. shipping: 6€ incl. shipping as Warensendung or 7,5€ as Maxibrief (paid per Überweisung)
This option is only available, if I get a message before: 10th march 15 o'clcok (GMT-1). After this I will send my payment to 18sixfifty.

I can dedome XM-L/XM-L2 LEDs, too.

I’m new to flashlight building/modding. As in brand new. I’m decent with a soldering iron but have limited experience with emitters/drivers/heat dissipation etc. I saw this thread and thought “man this would be a really cool project for the Boy Scouts”. I’m a Scoutmaster. Our troop camps once a month and the boys mainly have those crappy LEDs from harbor freight. Never know when they will just stop working. Plus a project like this would go a long ways towards them getting their electronics merit badge.

My question to you all is, is this a project 13-year-olds could handle with some “significant” adult supervision? How time consuming would it be? I appreciate your input. I’m totally new to the community and I hope I’m not hijacking the thread or anything. If that’s the case let me know.

Also, 18sixfifty, would you be comfortable receiving a fairly large order (enough for 10-12 flashlights) via paypal from a totally new member? If not I understand.

That actually sounds like a really cool idea. I would have had a blast making a flashlight back when I was in scouts! My main concern would be having 13 yr olds using a soldering iron that could be very dangerous even with heavy supervision. The first and second time I used mine I burnt a knuckle, but it could have been much worse.

Time consumption I would put at ~1 hour instruction, teaching, construction.

Checked on the host, this one looks to be fully assembled except the pill assembly, which is just a really simple 2 solder joints on the emitter and it’s done.

There's a few things about flashlight modding that make it tricky for adolescents.

First, usually things almost never fit right in, usually if you are not aware of that, the reflector may short led wires, possibly blowing up the driver, so solder blobs must be flat and on the outside of the solder pad, during assembly the dome can be knocked off, the soldering of the led wires to the driver is a quite precise piece of work, fixing the driver to the pill can be a pain. I work with adolescents and there are not many that have the precision and reflection on their own handling to do a succesful flashlight mod, even a relatively basic one like this.

Second, many adolescents are not able to be responsable enough to take care of li-ion cells. They will follow the guidelines as long as they are supervised, but become careless over time (ok, adults are that way too, but adolescent are far more careless, it is build in to act irresponsably, and that is important for their developement).

So when supervised with care, everthing is possible, but I do not think it will be easy.

Hey extdrive (welcome to BLF, by the way), if you decide not to go for a DIY-project with the children, there is a nice group buy going on at the moment of a very nice flashlight (but perhaps a bit expensive) that runs on ordinary rechargable AA batteries, the Starry Light flashlight, perhaps an idea too? :

Or a AA P60 and use a drop in? Not so much an electronic project though, more a of useful Lego type project. Id also add kids are notorious for shinning lights in faces. A dedicated thrower might not be a great idea.

Starry Light gets hot after ?15? minutes. I recall reading in the thread up to 85c. Too hot to touch.

Not a problem taking paypal at all.

I think it’s a great idea and this is a fairly simple mod. I wouldn’t have kids do the de-doming part. It’s too easy to bump the little wires and kill them. But the rest of it should be easy enough as long as you know how to do it first. This is actually not hard mod at all and I am more than willing to answer any and all questions. My advice would be for you to build one first with my help and that way you will know how to help them. Plus you could then explain about resistance and amps and volts. You could also learn the various components on the driver before giving your class to the kids. That way you will all be learning something.

It sounds like a really fun project to me and a very useful one. What kid doesn’t like getting a cool flashlight?

Is there an electronics merit badge. If so then this might be a good idea if a AA or AAA host were chosen. I wouldn’t start a bunch of kids out on lithiums. Especially knowing the batch of retrogrades I scouted with. If they get hooked you can tell them where to find us.

Ah I overlooked the lithium factor.

They would be looking at ~$20-30 in a good, reliable battery/charger/DMM on top of the $13 cost of the flashlight kit, and it takes more diligence than most teenagers would afford in caring for Li-ion batteries. It’s also coming from china so it could be 4+ weeks to delivery.

18650 is probably not ideal in this case.

I think teen-me would have had a blast taking on the responsibility, but I was a peculiar kid. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah that would make a AA light better for this kind of thing.

Wow, great response from this community. Thank you.

My gut instinct is to give it a go. I know the boys would really like a thrower like this. Super annoying when they shine it in my face at camp, but it sounds like it would be the type of flashlight that gets them excited to learn and try things out. Also there is a “cool” factor in using a Li-Ion. Just isn’t as sexy to make a AA or AAA flashlight. :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, thank you for adding reason to my overzealous personality. The “cool” factor is probably outweighed by the “oh crap” factor of explaining to a parent why their son has permanent burn marks from charging a battery. I think I will go with the combined experience/knowledge of the community over my gut instinct and look for a different project for them.

Me on the other hand…Well, shoot I was never that pretty anyway. Just because its not a good idea for the scouts doesn’t mean I have to miss out on the fun :wink:

Seriously, thanks again for all the advice.

I wouldnt drop the idea altogether. A AA or AAA light can be pretty kick arse. The beauty being able to surprise people with its punch for size. there must be a AA AAA that could make a good project build like this C10.

3x AA/AAA host kit should be around the same price maybe a bit more since it wouldn’t be in a group buy.

With the right host the same 105c driver could be used without size issues, and then the emitter choice is wide open.

Perhaps a new thread to generate ideas?