group buy interest thread for modded C8 XM-L2 with BLF logo Going with Fast Tech and starting a new thread.

Well this is the final update for this thread. The ali-express dealer ended up flaking out. The Alibaba dealers are taking their sweet time and when pressed for specific details don’t seem to answer them or one issue or the other comes up.

This is what I’m planning on going with and if we get 50 people aboard then it’s a go.

Ultrafire C10 kit with BLF logo. XP-G2, 8*nanjg driver. $12.80 This can be delivered directly to you so you can put it together or shipped to me. If you want it shipped to me modding and postage will be $12 for US. Outside of the US it’s $7 plus actual shipping to you. If I mod it then it will be de-domed and on a sinkpad, your choice of modes.

The goal is to have a BLF small thrower. I went with the C-10 because most everyone seems to have a C8 already.

If you want to mod it but are not sure what to do, I will be happy to talk you through and troubleshoot via PM. This is a very good mod to start out with.

These are the three items you get. The host is $8.56 the emitter is $1.89 and the driver is $2.35. You can get extras of anything on the list or simply get any of the things on the list separately. If we don’t get enough people for the light, we might get enough people for the emitters and drivers anyway.

Link to ordering thread.

Still waiting on response from seller.

So far we have about 30 or so interested but contingent on price and what we decide to order.

I’ll keep updating the thread and let everyone know the response from sellers on prices for different hosts, emitters and drivers, etc.

I’m torn on this one because I would rather go with an XP-G2 and drive it really hard with a sinkpad and maybe a convoy host, but then we are talking about more money. But then it would be a real pocket thrower.

Please let me know your thoughts on what you would prefer.

Interesting idea

Wait...$7.55 for a C8? (nothing a little Nanjg 105c w/ 8*7135 can't cure :D

I'm there! For at least 3x!

I am interested! But I think the reshipping cost to the EU will put a spanner in the works…

What about diy hosts, shipped directly to me? To which c8 would this one compare?

A C8 host with BLF on it would be nice, especially if any 'Utrafire' or 'Cree' logo's are absent as well :-)

It would be nice if it can be directly shipped to anyone (like me, and koyotee) who do not need the mods. Reshipping costs from the US to abroad will kill the deal for us.

For 7.55$ that has to be crappiest C8 light in history! Good quality host itself must be at least 10$ + about 2.5-3$ for led and 1.5-2$ driver … pill will probably have big hole in it!!!

That is probably true, but i’ll wait for a test sample to be reviewed.

I’ll ask about shipping directly to each of you but I doubt that he would for the same price.

Sounds like it would be fun. Can never have enough C8 hosts, and can use the guts for other projects. A BLF host would be really cool.

Just took a look at his site. He claims 1800lm, 1600lm, 5 modes, 3 modes,… All for the same light. I’m out :slight_smile:

As long as it’s actually an XM-L2 and an aluminum reflector I don’t really care what they claim. It’s basically a host with a good emitter to me. I’ll let him know that if it’s not aluminum and an XM-L2 then he is not getting paid. That is how ali-express works. The money goes into an escrow and the seller doesn’t get it until I get the shipment and inspect it.


You will still have shipping cost from me to you, but it would still make it a cheap host even with the extra five bucks or so for shipping.

Thanks for trying this !

An C8 XML2 seems a little redundant to most people on the forum me thinks. I have about 5 myself.I would rather pay a little more for a properly driven C12 with an XML2 NW. Or something we cannot otherwise buy with assurance of quality, C8 XPG2?

Thanks again!

You’re welcome. I’ll keep that in mind if this one doesn’t make it to enough people. I like the C-12 a lot myself but I was trying to keep this cheap.

Of course I could mod it with any emitter that is asked for it would just be extra. For an XP-G2 it would only be an extra couple bucks.

I would like decent C12 host also :slight_smile:

ill be in for 1, like above it would be nice if they could make a special listing for them and have them ship as we place the order and those who wants them modded u can order there's ? :)

I’m in for at least 1, probably 2 or 3.