[Group Buy] ***RovyVon Angel Eyes E300S*** - *[Discount: 20% /+50 Units = 25%]* ___CLOSED___

11 Dec 2018
PM sent to members in the interest lis!
PM and e-mail sent to RovyVon!

Again, thanks for taking a look at this and enjoy your flashlights :wink: :beer:


10 Dec 2018 Group Buy = Closed
Will send PMs in the morning! :+1:


5 Dec 2018 EDIT #3 - Group Buy will be running until the the 10th December 23h59 GMT! After this I will send PM to the interested members, and will send e-mail and/or PM to Rovyvon with a list of the interested people!


27 Nov 2018 EDIT #2 - Change of conditions for the Group Buy!
RovyVon has approved the new conditions for the GB. So, we will get:
- a 20% discount until the 50 units
- a 25% discount above 50 units.
Thank you RovyVon :smiley: :partying_face:


20 Nov 2018 EDIT #1: I put a “Questions to & Answers from RovyVon” Topic on Post #2, so that we can ask things and get some answers!



Some weeks ago I posted a thread about the RovyVon Angel Eyes E300S flashlight, after seeing some videos on YT!

- Here are the videos (I will not embed them to save some space):

- Here is the link to RovyVon page (where you can have more information about the flashlight): https://www.rovyvon.com/products/angel-eyes-e300s

After exchanging some e-mails with RovyVon we talked about the possibility to make a Group Buy here on BLF! So here it is :wink:

Group Buy Conditions (Defined by RovyVon)

EDIT 1) -If we get the interest in 50 flashlights there will be a +15%20% discount+! We will get a 20% discount until the 50 units
EDIT 2) If we get the interest in more than 200 flahslights there will be a 25% discount! We will get a 25% discount if we reach more that 50 units

3) The orders must be done directly through RovyVon website (linked above)!

4) Shipping is free on orders above USD$36 and is done with SF Express; it will take 3-4 weeks to arrive (estimated) and will have tracking number!

EDIT 5) This Group Buy will run during 2 or 3 weeks, but the time for it can be prolonged! This Group Buy will run 10th December 23h59 GMT .


  1. I will post the interest list on Post#2 and I will try to update it at least once a day.
    Please post your interest mentioning how many lights you want!

2) I will make a post on this thread when/if we reach the interest in 50 flashlights. RovyVon will also be informed of that and from then on, the ordering process must be done under their conditions.

EDIT 3) If during the initial GB period we do not reach the interest in 50 flashlights, I’ll see if RovyVon can make some discount for the interested members. No promises, though!! Conditions have changed above! Until 50 units = 20% discount; 50 units = 25% discount+!! :partying_face:

4) Any update or important information will be posted along the thread and systematized in the top of Post#1!!

5) If you have questions about the GB process feel free to post it as well! I guess member RovyVon will be involved on the thread too, so we’ll try to answer those!!


a) I will be a mediator here and will inform RovyVon about this GB either by PM or e-mail. Any problem with ordering, paying or shipping (or after receiveing the lights) must be dealt between the BLF member and RovyVon.

b) I will not send PM to the interested members unless it is strictly needed. So, please, keep an eye on the thread now and then!!!

c) Other than the interest in buying one of these lights, and providing BLF members the opportunity to get this flashlight with some discount, I have no other interests or benefits with this Group Buy. Also, no links posted by me are or will be affiliated!

Now, let the fun begin!!!
And thanks for your attention :wink:

RovyVon Angel Eyes E300S - Interest list

1 – MascaratumB - 1
2 – Gebe - 1
3 – weklund - 2
4 – dvdpxt 1-
5 – Klotski 1
6 – Minakoff 1
7 – mattheww1950 1
8 – SKY69 1
9 –
10 –
11 –
12 –
13 –
14 –
15 –
16 –
17 –
18 –
19 –
20 –


Questions to & Answers From RovyVon:

1) Does RovyVon ship this flashlight to Mexico? YES IT DOES!

Might as well be interested! :smiley:

If so, please mention how many lights :wink:

I am very interested … two lights, please.

I’m interested in one, but do you ship to Mexico?

Welcome to the forum dvdpxt!
I believe that RovyVon ships to Mexico, but we’ll see that!
If RovyVon doesn’t answer here, I’ll gather a list of questions (if needed) and will ask them about that, and will inform you here on the thread!

I am In for one

Thanks, I had time watching the forum, but I had not registered yet, wait for the answer.

I was looking at RovyVon site and there was no specific information about shipping or not to Mexico.
This is what it says about International shipping (RovyVon Shipping Policy):

This considered, shall I maintain your interest for 1 light or do you prefer to have a definitive answer from RovyVon?

I want to wait for a response from RovyVon.

Oki doki! I left you on the list but put you on hold :wink:

Also, I added a “Questions to & Answers from RovyVon” topic on Post#2, below the Interest list! I will try to get the answers from RovyVon and put them there :wink:

Answer to Question 1:

Yes, we ship to Mexico.

Thanks for looking into the thread RovyVon :wink:
Post #2 updated with the answer!

Very interesting light, still going to be $60 at 25% off. 2200 MAH battery is ok I guess. Output is good though. Good luck with the group buy.

Ahah, thanks :wink: Let’s see how this goes, if people will be interested or not :wink:
It captivated me the most due to the unusal body and also the output it has! But not all of us have the same preferences :wink:

1 please.

Very nice flashlight , I am very interested … one light, please from France . :+1:

Got it :wink:

Also got it :wink:

Now it’s official, I’m inside.