[Group Buy] Sofirn SP31 V2.0 in US ENDS

Love the “Oddball” quote - it’s perfect - still smiling about it a day later - really enjoy the wit and humor you bring to this forum even though it’s lost on some here.

Will be watching the movie again later today :smiley:

interested, 1 kit



Thanks! :+1: Couldn’t find it in Amazon.

How is this different than the SP32A V2.0?

That’s a shame. A fan of your products. I’ve purchased SF10, SP10A, SF12, SF14 and 2x Q8. The SP33 is in transit and SF11 on back order. What and when will there be a special for down under?

I believe you purchased from aliexpress store, prices are already good there, but also offers deal prices. Please keep an eye on our aliexpress store, especially for 11.11 day (double eleven deal Day)

SP31 V2.0:
Tactical switch + side switch with led indicator;
Eco: 5Lumens
Low: 50Lumens
Mid: 160Lumens
High: 500Lumens
Turbo: 1200Lumens

SP32A V2.0
side switch with led indicator
Two light Groups:
Group 1—-multi-modes: ECO (5lm) / Low (50lm) / Med (160lm) / High (500lm); double clicks for Turbo(1300 lm); Triple click for Strobe (1300lm)
Group 2—-Ramping: from 5 lumen to 1300 lumen; double click for Turbo (1300lm); Triple click for Strobe (1300lm)

Thanks. So SP31 will have better throw and a tail switch.

I’m interested in one light and 1 kit.

I love the SP31 original. I put a 219B 4000k 9080 in there and it is an amazing EDC. Glad the SP31 v2 improved the UI by making go from L>M>H>L instead of >M>H>M>L. Is the tail standing ability fixed in this current SP31 v2? If so, I will buy another one too.

I’m more interested in the SP30A though, which has the same UI but with USB charging. One thing I don’t really like is the automatic step down from Turbo to High in 3 minutes and from High to Medium in 30 minutes. As long as we have Active Temperature Regulation, I don’t feel the timed stepdown is necessary and it ruins the ability to use the light for room lighting or as a work light.

SP30A need to be redesigned. SP31 V2.0 can stand by tail ( but not steady ) with light on. New batch will mix it.

Are you Barry from Sofirn?

Chances are high. Look at sig, “Not in ThorFire Team since June”

SP30A has an design issue, it will be replaced by new model.

Furthermore, you might like SC31, if you like rechargeable light. It’s a good backup light.

1 light only and 1 kit. Thanks.

Can you tell me what design issue? My SP30a have no problem tail standing at all. I already bought two SC31 but I like the UI on the SP30A more. The SP30A is also much brighter.

I have a few Sofrin lights.
Nothing but good to say about them.
SP31 V2.0 is a really well-built light for the price point……(amazing at this group buy price)!

SP31 V2.0 beamshots……

Some of my favorite Sofirn lights….

Sign me up for a couple of the kits !!

Interested in the light only.

Interested in kit, thanks.