[Group Buy] Sofirn SP31 V2.0 in US ENDS

Hey BLFers,

[UPDATE] It's a pity not enough interests for SP31 V2.0 Group Buy. It ends now. Thank you for your time!

Price will be $17.5 for SP31 V2.0 Light Only, $23 for SP31 V2.0 Kit, if 50≤ interest ≤100

Leave comment if you are interested, for example: interested, kit. Then we will PM you the code to purchase when interests reach the level.

Sorry that it's only for US this time

Interest List:




Hi, and Amazon is only covering part of the interested people, the rest of us use Aliexpress :slight_smile:

Always with the negative waves…

So you will be spending $30 for one of these, and loving it ?

Really ?

If so, put you’re money where your mouth is.

Tracy asked for advice, I gave my own spin on it. That’s all. It is a complicated situation at the moment.

She doesn’t have to listen to a word that I say, neither do you.

I can be very positive, but it’s difficult in the current climate. I hope something changes. Soon.

And I do want to see affordable, high quality, reasonably well developed, up-to-date, torches, continue to be available.

Edit: but it’s just that we have seen an almighty amount of crud offered in past months (no, not from Sofirn necessarily) but really, surely you have noticed ?

The first two paragraphs that I quoted would have been sufficient, but then you continued on to the subsequent two.

I had a SP31, got 3 (or is it 4?) SP32v2s, am probably gonna grab the new C8F (or 2), so my “need” for another ’31 might not be there.

But a simple “Nice, but it may still be a bit too pricey… can you drop it by even 25% to make it really enticing?” would’ve been perfect.

“It ain’t what you say, but how you say it.”


BTW, guys, the driver and LED of the Sofirn SP33 has been changed to a boost driver and a 6V XHP50.2.

Looks like Sofirn is trying to use buck or boost converters in all of their lights, which I prefer over linear drivers.

4: 1 blk, 2 gld, 1 slv.

In for two Kits for SURE!!! Amazon USA


You took the words right out of my mouth! :+1:

Even though I concur with Tom Tom’s opinion about the slightly high price (and just the price!) I prefer some kind of “positive attitude” towards sellers and manufactures that offer something for us here. Even I often have to moan a lot about flashlights, their weak drivers or horrible tint shifts. However, at least I try to wrap my criticism into some benevolent words, always with the ambition for improvement suggestions towards the manufacturer.

I personally think that Sofirn is one of the rare flashlight manufacturers here who really care about the “voice of BLF”, i.e. they are interested into collaborations like the SP70 or the little AAA twisty light they took care of. They recently pleased (and still do) a lot of us with a great bargain about their Q8. So far, I never saw some retailer/manufacturer ask “What price do you think is good as group buy price?”. To my mind, this deserves some kind of respect instead of blaming the whole world for what is today as well as filling answers with prejudice, especially when someone says he does not know anything about this flashlight.

I would be in for another SP31 V2, i would like to see a GB price of $22.99 for the Kit, and 15.99 for just the Light itself.

Saw this the other night and ordered, 2500 lumen they say

These are review links in case you need.

I think I got one of the older ones, but… :heart_eyes:

Vaguely insulting and asking for free stuff at the same time. ……… does that really work?

Interested light only

Wow. The SP33 upgrade sounds good, expecially for $24. Very tempting. We’ll see how long I can resist.

If I’m understanding the new UI, it sounds good.

Probably more often than we’d like to believe.

[Quote=Sofirn]Sorry that it’s only for US this time

That’s a shame. A fan of your products. I’ve purchased SF10, SP10A, SF12, SF14 and 2x Q8. The SP33 is in transit and SF11 on back order. What and when will there be a special for down under?

Great prices… im in for 1 kit

It’s a multi faceted issue.

Particularly the question of manufacturers offering their own “group buys” as, basically, a marketing ploy.

Quite different from the days when BLF expert teams designed and commissioned these things.

The Q8 was I think the last great example. Perhaps the FW3A might be another.

Meanwhile there has been a dilution where electronic hardware and firmware designs are commissioned from a few experts on a commercial basis, to good effect, but at least there is usually no hypocrisy about calling them self-declared “BLF Special Editions”. They stand on their own merits.

There is also the concept of speaking plainly, which I have found very rare in the US, and completely absent in Japan. Being mealy-mouthed for fear of causing any offence gets no-one anywhere.

I have found that Chinese do respect frank discussion, and listen.

Interested in the kit. Thanks.