Group Buy: TERMINATED by Niwalker

Some unhappy news to report. Niwalker has demanded the end to this group buy. While the “See Price in Cart” model of MAP compliance is a widely accepted practice it is Niwalker’s assertion that I have violated their MAP policy by publicly providing a coupon code directly related to one of their products. While no pricing or discount information was conveyed or advertised in the listing their USA dealers and International Distributor were unhappy with the GB and complained to Niwalker.

MAP is Minimum Advertised Price. This listing never advertised price. Be that as it may, Niwalker refused to fill any orders related to this campaign so it must end.

Vinh’s Vostro’s Mod package:

*Direct copper bonding.
*New permanent thermal adhesive from copper sinkpad to host.
*Upgrade larger wires where needed.
*Upgrade High stiffness low resistance springs where needed.
*Touch up poor connection where needed.
*Tune for best beam focus.
*Lube O-Rings where needed.
*Dedome LED for extra throw.
*Current boost to the max while keeping reliability and Factory UI.

Note: I have only had experience with the MTG2 version and not the XML2 version. I highly recommend the MTG2 version. I do believe I can mod the XML2 version in a similar manner.

FEE: $65 USA Shipping OR $85 International Shipping
Payment Instructions and Questions: DO NOT SEND PAYMENT TO THIS ADDRESS. Contact Vinh First!

wow great price.

Do we know what is going to be done in the “Vinh package”

I know he does great work, but whats the details?

Order placed!

i pmed vinh to see what he is offering

I don’t have all the detail yet, so I will wait for Vinh to post the specifics.

Holy bejeebus that’s a low price! If I had the money I’d buy this in a heartbeat! Thanks for the group buy cellguy!

He should be posting here soon.

the group buy price is about 10% lower than… the “best price” i have seen (keeping it quiet for those ugly MAP police)

Sweet lights! I would like the details of the Vinh mod too.This may cause me to buy this light thanks for getting this together.

While this light is supposed to be great stock, Vinh is likely to thoroughly upgrade it. I would also suggest a dedome... :D

I'm also tempted to get the XML2 version and getting it modded, given this statement from Selfbuilt;

"In terms of throw, the BK-FA01 is my 3x/4x 18650 leader at the moment. Although I don't have the TN31 XM-L2 on hand to compare, I doubt it could beat it (based on the performance of my XM-L version). The larger reflector of the BK-series will likely give a consistent edge to this build, for equivalent drive level."

I am going to wait and see as well. This could be my first mtg2 light…

Added links to Selfbuilts text and video review.

For the moment, the Niwalkers are respectively the best MTG2 and XML2 production lights out there.

This opinion is based on scouring every review I could find, every video and having tried out a couple of MTG2 lights firsthand (Eagletac MTG2, Crelant 7G10, and a custom build).

I would agree except that it should be noted that the niwalker mtg2 offers a “direct drive” like output (output tapers as cells deplete) vs the solarforce s2200s is constant output. this was the deciding factor for me personally - it might not matter to some (in fact im actually considering a vinh mtg2 vostro hehe)

I dont want to bring opinions into this or start a debate - its just something people should be aware of when they are considering the light thats all

they are very nice lights

True, but the stock Niwalker is driven slightly harder. People are also likely to use topped of batteries with this light, most of the time.

Also I think the SF S2200 has a slightly smaller reflector? That would translate to a bit less throw.

I think if you're getting the light Vinh modded, than the choice should be strictly cosmetic/personal preference.

If you're buying it, and keeping it stock, the Niwalker is the better choice... better UI, more throw, driven harder (even with some direct drive like properties).

Besides, the tapering off in brightness is not likely to be so steep as to be noticeable, unless you have a second light side by side with it, or have it on a meter.

Vinh mod details have been posted.

Given that Vinh modded the TN31, and K40, which are similar at least in form factor, most likely the FA01 is likely to be even better.

Also dedoming is optional... if you want a THIN searchlight beam, the XML2 version is likely to be the better option.

CPF member Slow2go has a Vostro MTG2 version modded by me. I will see if I can ask him to write what he thinks.

Please email me at for any questions. I am most responsive with emails.

The email above is not my paypal email. Do not send money to that email. Please email me for payment instruction. Thanks!

I am sending Vinh a MTG2 and XML2 tomorrow for modding. This will give Vinh a chance for some hands on time with XML2 and answer any questions.