Group Buy: Wuben TO10R and TO46R (real 90+CRI triple XP-G3) - CLOSED!!

Got my order in. Looking forward to it. Thanks the appreciate all the work.

Got my order in. 2 pcs T046R.


To make it easier for Wuben, please remember to indicate your username AND add also a note of which product you are paying for. :slight_smile:

Example of the note:
Phone: +1-500-1337
Username: the
Products: 3 x TO46R + 3 x TO10R + 3 x Emitter board

Just placed my order! 1 TO46R and 2 emitter boards :sunglasses:

One question: are we going to have a reference to track the package?

Thanks =the= :wink:

Ordered two TO46R. Thanks the! (Geez, I forgot to tell them what I was ordering!) :frowning:

Is there an option to pay for faster shipping?

Edit: Forgot to mention… ordered 1x TO10R and 1x TO46R, thanks =the=!

I’d guess so, but need to check.

Have to check this too.

Don’t hold your breath for the answers. They are already asleep, but will answer tomorrow…

Just put in my order for a to46r. Thanks for the GB

Ordered TO46R and emitter board, thank you! :+1:

thanks to “the”
thank you

GB order placed for TO46R, thank you

Placed order

Hi mate! You sent private message, I don’t know if it was only for me or for all the message group, but…you sent all the information :frowning:
Just wanted to warn you / let you know about it!

Regards :+1:

Sent my payment info: 1 x TO46R

Thanks for very speedy and clean organizing the!

I have to wait until Thursday - payday :cry:

Hi the,

I’d like to add one more TO46R. I’ll pay both after your confirmation, thanks.

Still some available. One exra confirmed and added to the list. You can now go ahead and pay them. :slight_smile:

Thanks! Paid for 2x TO46R.

Yes! Registered shipping, tracking number delivered via Paypal / email.

This is great!

I wonder when do they start shipping the lights out? In one filled group or first come first served order?