Group Buy: Wuben TO10R and TO46R (real 90+CRI triple XP-G3) - CLOSED!!

Ordered TO46R, thanks

Thank for seeking and giving the amswer =the= :wink: Great GB and work :+1:


1 - T046R

1 - emitter

Hope they will ship the included cell to the U.S. I don't remember which site(s) won't (GB? BG? AliExpress? Fasttech?)

Ordered 2x TO46R, thanks! :slight_smile:

Expedited shipping is available, but will cost much more. Contact me if you’d like to get an exact quotation.

They promised that it will be included. No problem!

I have a Wuben L50 which stays on turbo for a very long time, my estimates are around 900 - 1000 lumens. Unfortunately it has a cold colour temperature which sucks. I have thought about changing the emitter but it’s a difficult light to mod.

If it steps down it goes to 400 lumen so the TO46R stepping down to 600 lumen is a plus. Makes up for the Turbo timermuch better beam compared to L50. That thing has a doughnut hole beam. Maybe an XP-L HI can fix it. Anyway, can’t wait for my TO46R!

Paid for my 1 TO46R and 1 emitter board.


Haven’t seen it mentioned, so I checked the standby drain which was 23µA (@4V) for both models.

= negligible. Good to hear!

In other news, there are still some problems sourcing enough real 90CRI CREE emitters. Would anyone object if we would do a last minute change to Nichias?

(NOT promising anything. Just asking…)

As long as they stay 5000k.

I wouldn’t mind Nichia 5000K at all!

For the flashlight I won’t mind, as long as it is around 5000K as well.

For the spare emitters, I won’t mind if they are Nichias with that colour temperature or from 4500K to 5000K High CRI!


Wouldn’t bother me any. I am patient.

Interested TO46R, depending on $$. Thanks.

I actually didn’t buy it because I was afraid of the green tint. I wouldn’t mind nichias though even if it is not as bright.

I’m absolutely fine with Nichia in NW.

I would love Nichias (NW) in my TO46R, if it is possible ! :+1:

Let me know, if I should email Wuben …

Please let me handle the communication. We shouldn’t bother Wuben with tens of separate emails…

I second that. If they are the 5000K versions. If not I’d stay the XP-G3. Hopefully the Nichia wont make a huge hit on output and turbo run times.