Group Buy: Wuben TO10R and TO46R (real 90+CRI triple XP-G3) - CLOSED!!

219b 4500k would be nice

Nichia 4500-5000K should be fine (but hopefully not much green/yellow tints; pinkish tint would be fine)

Hi the,

Will you be sending the Wubens with the Nichia to maukka?

Lots of questions floating around… Trying to answer them as soon as I can.

Anyways, I just tested TO10R with a Nichia and the output was about 10% less. Nothing that you could notice without a light meter, maybe noticeable in side-by-side comparison.

They will be driven with the same current, so runtimes should be roughly the same.

AND the tint would be much better. :slight_smile:

Here’s a comparison with 4000K 90+CRI Nichia. (NVSL219CT, D240, R9050, sm405 - the one closest to BBL!)
Incidentally, this is exactly the same emitter that Wuben would have in stock.
46R with CREE on 700lm mode on left, 10R with Nichia on highest mode on right (closest comparison I could make):

What do you think? Yes, with 4000K it’s slightly warmer, but also significantly less green. Very pleasant tint to my eyes.

(If you have any Rey’s light, you may have these same emitters. That’s where I got mine…)

That looks like a great deal to me. I’m totally for the Nichias! I’m sure many would agree.

Close or below BBL is ideal for me. I like 4000k but just dont like it when too far above the bbl. The 219BT 4000k with rosy tint had no yellow and was perfect. I would love to buy both the 46R and 10R with this best looking 219c.

I’m not too sure about a 5-step MacAdams 219c (sm405). The sm403 would have been okay.

Despite I expected it to be more “white” and less “yellow”, I won’t mind if the light arrives with these emitters!
I thought they would be more like the tint on this AAA light :wink:

It’s hard to find 219B emitters these days :frowning: .

I’d just rather stick with the XP-G3. Id really only option for the Nichia 5000k 90cri. Not a fan of 4000k tint.

If neither the XP-G3 or 5000k Nichia 90cri is available I’d like to withdraw / refund on the order.

I’m afraid that won’t be possible. :frowning:

There seems to be a sudden, woldwide shortage of 5000K 90CRI XPG3s. Wuben’s supplier said they can’t deliver. Five other suppliers said the same. Lead time “many weeks”.

I checked also Mouser, as they had plenty of these in stock just a short while ago. Now they show 0pcs, 9 weeks lead time.

I wonder what happened?

Damn. Ok I need to get my order refunded. How to we get this started?

Please wait a moment. We are still checking some possibilities.

I guess I can wait a week and see what happens.

Why didn’t Wuben warn us that they had difficulty acquiring stocks of the xp-g3 before taking our payments?

I find it hard to believe that thousands of stocks would disappear overnight. I’m not blaming anyone and =the= has been very transparent about everything, I am just wondering why Wuben hadn’t thought things through.

I do hope that everything’s going to work out just fine. I hate to have to ask for a refund.

I like nichia, so i agree with this change

I’m ok with the change as long as the CRI truly is minimum of 90 and tint is not green

I believe it’s highly unlikely to get the 219C appear much greener than the XP-G3 :slight_smile:

Sounds good to me, I’ve never owned any lights with the XP-G3. Thank you for letting me know

4000k looks great! The spot changes noticeable with nichia?