Group Buy: Wuben TO10R and TO46R (real 90+CRI triple XP-G3) - CLOSED!!


I am interested in 1 of these for the TO10R I already have :wink:

Thanks for your work on these _ the _ :wink:

interested in T046R. thanks

Added to the list.

Lists updated up to post #123.

Please let me know if I missed your post or PM.

I’m interested in the TO46R. Please PM price for final review.

Just saw maukka’s post on Reddit. In for 1xTO46R.

Interested in TO46R depending on GB price

What is the diameter of these boards?
Interested at least for one board.


Thank you maukka.

You can put me in the list for one board also. Together with TO46R.

Added to the list. Processed all requests up to post #130

I’m interested in either, depending on price

I’m interested in one of each light, depending on price.

Interested in the TO46R depending on price! One please.

Had some time today to tinker with the samples..

Emitter board is copper and DTP.

Dimensions 20mm dia x 1.8mm thickness.

TO10R can be "easily" modded to fit 18350:

..and the heads are interchangeable => Modded TO10R body + 18350 IMR + TO46R head = Nice pocket rocket. :)

TO10R can be “easily” modded to fit 18350

They should have done that in the factory already.
Not everyone has access to a lathe or knows how to use it…… :frowning:


I agree WRT 18350. Especially since the other end of the body is already wide enough to accommodate an 18mm wide cell. With a 16340, there’s a lot of extra room.

+1 :frowning: I wish it was so easy to widen the space inside the tube :frowning:
To make a 18350 fit would be a nice thing from “stock :weary:

Anyway, thanks for the inspiration and the work done withe emitters!
I will still try to use the 46R head on the 10R body :smiling_imp:

I fully agree. In fact, I have been trying (hard) to convince them into doing that at least for the GB lights.

So far the answer has been a firm NO, but let’s see what they say after seeing my mod. :slight_smile:

interested in TO46R