Group Buy: Wuben TO10R and TO46R (real 90+CRI triple XP-G3) - CLOSED!!

This is the 10R body from the tail view? The tube does not separate from the head?

Can anyone confirm this mcpcb will fit my Jaxman E2L triple? I believe it’s using a Carclo lens.

(I’m okay with sanding the edges a bit if needed)

You know, I had the same Idea with my E2L’s but I think these have to be sanded to fit a E2L.

beam0 & sovereignknight

The triple noctigon also has 20mm and you need sanding. So here, too, it will be required.

I had a feeling since it’s 20mm it will fit with sanding, I was more concerned if the layout/spacing of the emitters will fit the Carclo lens. I have a feeling it will but want to make sure it’s not something else (if there is something else!)

This is the 10R body (with a 16340) looking in from the tail? So the tube I.D. is wider at the tail than it is closer the head?

10R body from the head. There’s no tailcap.

Same as in my pic. Tube I.D. is wider at the head.

Actually, there’s a “tailcap”, but it’s only for removing the magnet if needed.

One TO46R please!

Interested! PM sent.

Dirty_Pierre made the same mod some weeks ago and I found it amazing! Here: Modding the Wuben TO10R from 16340 to 18350 Video. !

I don’t have access to a lathe or whatever other device that would allow the 16340 > 18350 transformation so…even if my TO10R was sent me by Wuben for a review, if they come to offer a tube for 18350’s, I will probably buy it! (if not excessively expensive, of course) :money_mouth_face:

I know that they are probably concerned with warranty and even internal functioning of the light (and they don’t make/sell 18350´s as well), but for those who are willing to try that “battery change” and don’t have a way to mod the tube, it would be a nice thing to have a “new” tube by Wuben!

One question for you _ the _: did your TO46R had the head glued? I asked this to other members in the review threads, and apart from 1 or 2 members that received early samples, all others were glued and hard to open…

Even if we don’t get a 18350 tube for the TO10R, I wanted to try the TO46R head on the short tube, hence my question and concern about being glued or not, and on how hard it would be to “unglue” it !

Thanks again for all your efforts on this :wink:

Here’s two pics of the tail section of TO10R, as requested.

1. Tailcap removed. It was glued and required some force to open. Note the solid end of body tube!

2. Inside of the tube with tail spring in place

My sample wasn't glued. On the other hand, I haven't yet seen a glued light which wouldn't open with a pair of these:

Thanks mate :wink:
I guess I’ll have to spend some in a pair of those as well… :person_facepalming:
But…I hope my “sample” isn’t glued as well :smiley:
Thank you!!

I am interested in one of both, depending on price.

I’ll add 1pc emitter board (it’s in addition to my existing order of 1pc TO46R and 1pc TO10R).

There are still some TO46R left to reserve, but please note that we are approaching the 100pcs limit!

A few things to check/remember:

  1. Check that you definitely are on the list: If you got the prices by PM and didn't reply to me you are probably NOT on the list!
  2. I might have missed some post / PM => Remember the abovementioned #1
  3. I'll use message/post timestamps to judge who will get the last ones..
  4. Please show some love to TO10R as well :) It's a great little light with a magnet on the tail. I think I love it even more than my TO46R!

I’m on the list and received PM with the price, so everything is OK for me! :+1:

I have a “request” though, about the “spare” emitters (if there will be any for sale). Earlier on the thread I mentioned I would want 1.
IF - but only IF - there are other spare emitters, I would like to add another 1 (total 2 + the TO46R I subscribed for).

Thank you :wink:

So it appears you had to make a small hole through the tail?

The base of the spring appears to be about the same diameter of the tube’s I.D. at the bottom.

So It’s okay to drill through the tail as long as there is enough ledge remaining for the spring base contact area?

Is the tail cap (magnet holder) aluminum or plastic?

No. The small recess was already there.


Right, as long as you secure the magnet somehow.