GROUPBUY FEELER: Samsung INR18650 20R updated op—12595

This thread will be active for a few days, so the seller can give us the best price. If you are interested, post the number of packs you would like to order(1pack = 2 cells). Also post if you would like tracking or not. The initial price offered was 11.50$(2pcs) WITH tracking. I’ve also addressed a question, if it’s possible to order without tracking, because they prefer shipping batteries with tracking, but the price would be of course lower without tracking, probalby even lower than 10$(2pcs). I think we all know the customer takes a risk when ordering without tracking, so it’s up to you to decide.

25R’s and vtc5’s are out of the question. 18sixfifty tried contacting fasttech, they said at least 10 packs to EACH customer for a gb, i tried gearbest, wallbuys, banggood, no1 can help, many even don’t understand the term groupbuy :confused:
So, Doris from focalecig is now asking, how much interest there is for Samsung inr 18650 20R, so we can get a price.
Just state how many packs you want and i’ll add you to the list. 1 pack=2 batteries

I’m in for 3 packs without tracking.

Koyotee: 3
strongest2004: 2
Daylighter: 2-4
retiro576 1-2

If I were to buy, it would be possibly the Samsung 18650-25R or the Sony US18650VTC5 and I am going to have to buy 8 pretty soon, but the higher the amp hours, the better off I am, in a high draw cell.

Me too, but unfortunately they sold out the Sony US18650VTC5, i asked them if they can get 25R in stock. I’ll let you know asap.

There are good prices on samsung cells already:
Samsung INR18650-25R - 2500mAH (35A peak discharge / 22A continuous discharge) are $13.61/2 cells (after discount, if you buy 2 pairs = 4 cells tracking is free)
Samsung ICR18650-26F - 2600mAH protected-4pcs = $17.16 (excellent price for good protected samsung cells with higher capacity).

Yes, but, f*tech doesn’t ship to my country :frowning: and after all their fails, i wouldn’t order from them, even if they did…

I bought one of these and can tell no difference whatsoever in the output of any light I put it in. I’ve tried it in 4 different lights. What am I doing wrong?

Well, guess they’re not modded enough,that you would notice the difference? Anyway, your amp meter should be able to tell you where is the difference.

I'm preferring the LG HE2 (Efest 35A) nowadays, though the 20R beats it slightly at full charge, although for only a brief time.

Am also after at least 3 pairs of high draw/high amp hour 18650.
Will go for whatevers decided.

All depends on a couple of factors - direct drive or not, and if direct drive, needs high qual MCPCB.

Unless your lights are optimized for max A draw then it’s unlikely you’d see any output difference. Just because a cell can deliver 20+A doesn’t mean that a light will magically draw LOTS more amps… the driver, tailcap, MCPCB and wiring will ultimately limit the amps draw.

I would have to agree with the gentleman from Texas. I too am looking for the same 8 fierce, high amp pumping cells. If only there was a cheap laptop battery we could get to do pulls from. Subscribed.

You can dream of geting such cells from a laptop pull :slight_smile:

Im in when decided.

Are those batteries good for Max ampere draw?

Should we go for those?

Plus one for 25R or VCT5, I dont know enough of the LG HE2 t comment, but probably those too if preferred.

probably 6 of …ie: 3 pairs if the price is right.

These are decent batteries in normal draw applications. Nothing wrong with them as batteries, but they do not belong in this conversation. I have 6 of them.

Even without protection circuits, they still do not qualify.

The only problem is, nobody has these in stock or doesn’t understand the term groupbuy :frowning:

Anyone knows the relationship between and

I opened a livechat session via skype with wallbuys. The name in the chat session is Doris FocalEcig…. 0:)

Not sure if this is allowed, but for reference FT sells the same samsung INR batteries for USD10.51 with coupon code.

im in for 5 packs. but what tom e says got me wondering…
if the 20R’s are only top dog when freshly charged, then what are the other cells that are better than 20R’s when cells are like 75-85% charged.

the reason why i think we should get the ones that beat the 20R’s at 75-85% charged because, i dont wanna have to keep my 20R’s freshly charged all the time just to get great discharge.
i rather have something mediocre to great when freshly charged , but when it gets down to 75-85%, it will surpass in brightness vs using 20R’s.

Stay put, trying to get either samsung inr 18650 25r or sony us18650vtc5 for a groupbuy.

Well, afaik focalecig is a vapo shop, just that it is separated from wallbuys. Thats what fasttech should do, to keep all that vapo stuff away. And the last price offered from focalecig for 20R was around 9$ for 2 pieces.