Groupbuy for Sunwayman D40A(4xAA), coupon for Sunwayman T25C zooming

Sunwayman D40A available, how much would you be willing to spend on one? Please write your max $ in the post, if you are interested!

Possible coupon for Sunwayman T25C also!

Review here

OK, hit me.

Can you send me the price please ?

Thank you Koyotee.

Cheers koyotee :beer:

Can you pm me the details ?

Please PM me with the price and which dealer

I’m interested

Can you send me the price please ? :slight_smile:

Price please!

I’d like a PM with the details, thanks.

Price please!

God damn…. I am going broke here. haha

Please PM me the particulars.

the price please

Can you send me the price please ?

I’d like a pm if it’s under $30.

pm with info please :slight_smile:

Please pm me the info, thanks

I would like to request the price, please. Thanks!

price please. I had no money back when you found a deal on th c50, lets see now…