GroupBuy Nightwatch CREE XHP70 3600lumens tactical flashlight (limited to 50 pieces)


I organize a group buy for a very interesting light
A small 26650 high output flashlight
I like the SS bezel :wink: and outside quality is very good.
Price range is very good.

You will find my review here :

The purchase link (55:money_mouth_face:\_pp=0_455_5

Groupbuy price is to be confirmed @42$ (including shipping)

This first batch for group buy is limited to 50 pieces.

Interested list :
1: mizou51


Interested !

hmm, i was hoping it’s less than 40$
i will pass this light

Is it timed or thermal step down?
I may go for one, interested.

you can read my review (link above)
thermal regulated output but no step down it step slowly to 1500lm ! i like it so much
Fins are deep and numerous and temp is very well controlled


im interested, but do wish it was a bit cheaper.

on their site, the actual sale price is 45$ :stuck_out_tongue:

Interested, thanks.

Yes, but whats is meant by “Stand by 10” ?

mizou51, since you’re in contact with Enogear recently maybe you could recommend that someone responds in their thread, people are getting nervous due to non communication. I like this light but I won’t order from them until I see that they reappear and get it sorted out.

I ordered the Enogear IRA on 4. Jan. and I got a letter from the custom office, that they have the parcel for custom clearence.
Monday i will try to get my new torch… :slight_smile:

I got my two flashlights from Enogear today (ordered at 4. and. 6. January) ! Everything looks OK, my luxmeter shows 21.400 Candela for the Nightwatch IRA GT with an Imalent MRB266-P45.