Groupbuy: XINTD X3 for 24,99 available AGAIN!!

That’s what I figured, anyway is there a store to get the better carrier from? I’d gladly pay $4 so I don’t have to fuss around tweaking the plastic one.

This light is best with a nice unprotected 26650. But AA is a nice option. And it works pretty good as long as the you don't need max output but just some light.

Does anyone know if that metal carrier is sold single by some supplier with free internaional shipping?

Perhaps GearBest could sell it? It would be a nice way to spend my points...

Already ordered my X3. I do not mind buying the battery carrier separately.

BTW, why there are 2 extra holes on the ring? :~

Too much coffee at the factory :bigsmile:

Ordered one. :wink:

Thanks for organizing this M4D M4X! :slight_smile:

Not sure if its fits, but I think member ‘Hikelite’ makes a 3 AA carrier. I have one here, its very nice with alloy rod struts and copper inside PCB plates top and bottom. I bought it because it looked pretty, now Im thinking this light might be the ideal home for it. Might be OK with a different driver requiring less volts and not run li ions.

Yep it was hikelite. He can send the plates, you do your own rods, or he can send it complete, flat packed like an Ikea carrier. I believe you can order the plates yourself too but I dont know if OshPark or elsewhere.

Link to Hikelite to PM him if interested.

Thread where he mentions them, with pics

This can and does happen. Sometimes its the purpose of the cheap offering, to drive traffic. Sometimes its genuine offers. Generally though, no one is sitting there live watching the sales numbers. Its all automated and sadly they run out of stock and the inventory levels being reported to the online ordering system is not quite so automated.

Hello Adoby,

Yes, we can sell it, we negotiated with the XINTD X3 suplier, they can provide the metal battery carrier as with IOS, but need half month and more $4 at 50 minimum, but we don’t know if there are 50 units interested on this metal battery carrier.

Thanks for the clear information…keep it up guys…

I asked GEARBEST for tracking number and i got this:
” The item is currently back ordered / being custom made and we expect to receive it in around 3-7 days if no delay, after which we will pack and ship the item to you…”
I guess i get my 5 USD, will i M4D M4X ?:wink: (item is not in stock) the countdown starts.

i think you are wrong.

i don't agree with your conception of GB.

GB is a big party to whom everybody is invited, everybody can sign up. but before the party can start to roll, there must be a minimum of 50 people to sign up, so that the low price can be guaranteed by wholesale or whatever.

the more people sign up, the merrier. the dealer is happy to earn more money, and the other involved companies too. because they know that they would not sell half as many units in such a short time if there weren't any promotion going on.

And GB is a promotion.

that's the way i see it.

This light vs Convoy AK 47?

The C8 AK47? It's a C8 - smaller light, OP reflector loss of throw, etc... Good light, but not the throw or quality of a X3 with the SS bezel, 26650, great heat sinking, etc.


I interested.

One XinTD X3 with metal battery carrier for me.

If possible, more one spare metal battery carrier.

I will get 1 metal carrier if you will have it for sale.

I am in for 2 metal AA carriers if available. Perhaps there should be another list for those interested in :slight_smile: ? By high interest the lower price than 4 USD might be reconsider ?

Yes, a separate group buy for the AA carriers would be the best. Not everyone is interested in buying the better carrier.

What's the weight of the 2 carriers?

If the weight difference is within 65% of each other, then i'd prefer the metal carrier to be included in my 24.99$.

The weight of IOS carrier is 19.0g

The IOS XinTD X3 with its carrier but without batteries is 325.5g

P.D: The weight of Lumintop SD10 (and Ultrafire SH-3AA) carrier is 12.8g…