Groupbuy: XINTD X3 for 24,99 available AGAIN!!

please report all problems to CSgearbest…

Received the 3rd and 4th today, excellent like the first two.

When does the code expire?

cant find a date mentioned in my mails…

but i wouldnt wait until next month… :smiley:

Mine has a bad switch as well. I haven’t had the time to disassemble it yet. Mine also has a copper MCPCB.

I kinda modded mine a bit…

some inside pix…

I got 2 already, can't decide if I "need" any more.

I tested the tailcap current on mine… 2.4A with a standard cell, 2.6A with a KK, 2.8A with a VTC5.

Was the higher quality aa battery carrier ever made available by gearbest?

Still on?
If I order more than 1 light, can I order them together and use the 1 code, or do I have to order each light separately?

please pm CSgearbest directly

the month end is near and i dont know how long the gb is on

Did you guys typically see ~1 day response time from Gearbest CS? They got back to me the night of my contacting them, now 4 days after I replied back with the requested order # I haven’t received a response? My tailcap switch crapped out on me as well, in addition to the many QC issues on my X3… Paypal deadline is coming up in 10 or so days…

I pmed them this morn( 3-4 hrs ago) no response as yet…

Sorry for my mistake and have PMed to solve the issue, sometimes it may be a little late or CS make a mistake to leak your reply I’m really sorry for that and I’ll try to avoid the mistake :( Really sorry guys :(

Pmed already to solve your issue, you can check your PM dear friend :_(

so, where can I get replacement switch? I newer saw one so small!

Hi Sirius9,

Could you please PM me some images and your order number? If there is any issue of the product I’ll solve it for you.

Thanks for the reply, I ordered before your reply, and found the groupbuy price still valid!

Thanks again!

Hi all,
Can anyone say which budget holster can be used for this light, and if a better quality aa battery carrier is available to buy anywhere, and if yes to both, where said items can be purchased?

I use this holster with mine (but it’s “Temporarily sold out”).

About the battery carrier… I’m still waiting for the announced. Groupbuy: XINTD X3 for 24,99 available AGAIN!!