Groupbuy: XINTD X3 for 24,99 available AGAIN!!

Please pm your order number to CSgearbest (or to me)

that must be solveable :wink:

PM sent.

You should be critical, what you describe would be passible in my book but I expect it as shown. If the words “small imperfections may be present” were stated then OK, let buyer make the call. I can only judge by my only XinTD V4 which is perfect for the $30 price range light. That light swayed me to this GB.

That’s just me being too critical :slight_smile: …but glad your is fully functional.

I got it this morning !
Its very bright, i am now thinking about improving it : this wont be a problem if i add 4 380mah chips to the stock driver right ?

is what Tom E did iirc. Search back for some mod links posted back a few pages. I did same to V4 qlite driver so it’s an easy mod.

I also added 2 of them (lack of skills prevented 4)


Hi guys!

Unfortunately I had to edit the OP.
some tints raised in price…

Your skills are fine! Lol, it’s the cost of solid copper rod that makes my hands shake… copper, the new gold.

edit , sorry M4D M4X, no quote for me today…

so I shouldn’t post what I have copper in my cellar…


The replacement X3 is starting to have intermittent issues with turning on. I’ve tightened everything up and it’s still having issues turning on about 75% of the time. Takes 5-10 clicks to turn on then it functions fine for the remainder of the usage. :weary: This whole deal is probably the worst luck I’ve had with a stock flashlight. :frowning:

Switch out the tail cap from the free one.

The original one’s switch is completely dead.

Ordered July 20th arrived today August 16th. Light works fine with exterior near perfect with 2 small sharp edges across 2 of 5 flats on head. No dings or scratches, however anodization and reflector better on my V4. No color variances. Rectangular threads only on tail, all threads dry as shipped. Head threads not anodized as per picture, but if they were, see no other negative return path from barrel. Star not screwed down nor has any sign of thermal grease. All threads and star will be addressed as time permits.

All works fine with about 20 actuations of the tail switch but will look for replacement just in case or if I kill it when moding. Plastic carrier cheap but works fine, may replace it down the road for better performance. No rattles with Samsung 26C18650 (flat top) laptop pull with nice adapter with, 2, grooved end o-rings. Not shown with o-ring in pictures.

I ordered the XML2 T6-3B ($25.65) as I like the warmer tints and not so harsh on (my) eyes. All in all nice light for the money for my sample. Thanks Mad Max :wink: and Gearbest.

ordered on July 16th and still haven’t received anything…. I knew I should of paid for tracking :frowning:

pm CSgearbest or me your order number please to check that

+1, ordered two X3’s on July 02 and still haven’t received anything. :~

Btw, during checkout process, I did checked a “Tracking number $0.0” box ($0.0 because a total is above $35) but they say that parcel was sent as unregistered… :_(

My 2nd order has arrived in 2weeks. Ordered on 5/8, shipped within 2 days. Non-registered.

QC is as good as first one, except torn spare O-ring for 26650. It works out from the box.

Got my X3 today, it’s exactly like this. Tried AA / 18650 / 26650 batteries and I’m lucky if it fires up after ten clicks, not very impressed so far :expressionless:

Could it be, the clickie is screwed in too far? Remember, it’s a reverse clickie. It needs to pop out full way. If it doesn’t pop out far enough, it won’t short the circuit and the LED wouldn’t light up.

Doesn’t seem like it but I’ll take another look, thanks.