GSI Super Quality Stylish Flashlight

Has anyone tried the GSI Super Quality Stylish Flashlight? Saw it in Amazon priced at $6.99 only. It takes 3AA batteries and said to have 3 modes of output with maximum of 80 lumens.

googled that name and it takes 3AAA, not AA

Wow WOW WOW!! no I did not see it. I'll buy 30 of them. No make that 70, will you personally deliver them?

Index - middle - ring - pinky

I'll take 5.

Just a typo error, i even posted this on the multiple AAA section. Anyway yes it uses 3 AAA battery. But it's weird that when i checked amazon few hours after i posted in this forum, the price jumped to $15.82. I was viewing this in amazon for quite some time already and this is the first time it changed its price. Even reviews way back on Feb 2011 says they just bought it for $7.

Since the price has already increased to more than 2x i don't think it's still worth it to buy and try this flashlight. I'll probably buy and try this when they change their price back to $6.99

Okay. Are the links forbidden?

I don't think so. This is the link for the flashlight i was referring to

wow that's one hell of an ugly light!

It says $6.99 on my screen.

Not interested though.

I will pay $2.50