Gsmarena hacked?

Gsmarena has been hacked? Can anyone confirm?

Fine for me

I think they fixed the redirect already, but what a random site to hack… What did gsmarena ever do wrong? I like that site.

Now the question is why I am being redirected to another website where a chubby teenager has a t-shirt saying, hack the planet.

works fine for me

OK, I am not being redirected anymore to that page.

This is how it looked 10 minutes ago, I was being redirected here no matter what.

Lol that looks like a basement dwelling hacker

Random sites are perfect targets usually. Most of them do it just to say they did it.

they get their jollys seeing folks post the results like you just did.
these punks would stop if nobody gave them attention.

They dont care about our attention. They will get plenty of recognition on dedicated, you guessed it, hacking forums. Theres a forum for everything out there. A bit like the celebrity nude leaks recently, that was part of a circle of people for a long time prior to it becoming public, they never needed recognition its just some part of their circle couldnt keep a secret. We are the end of a long line, each step away more and more inconsequential to their goals.