GT Micro - XP-L Hi or Osram???

I’m thoroughly intrigued by this light. My biggest hurdle in pulling the trigger is whether or not to go with the original XP-L Hi or the Osram NM1. I know there are trade-offs between the two, but I’m leaning Osram for the tighter beam and seemingly extended reach. I have researched Vihn’s mod, but inasmuch as I have no specific or dedicated “need” for the light, I’m going to stick with the stock offerings…just something to have fun with. The Nano is cute, but I don’t want to go down another battery size rabbit hole.

I know I’ll be thrilled with either option, but if you had to choose one or the other, which would you pick, and what factors would sway your decision?

I personally would recommend the Osram. Not that my recommendation dors or should mean anything to you… but, for what it’s worth… I haven’t seen it in the Micro specifically, but it’s going to have about double the throw, but a bit less overall output. But every light I have used/seen with the Osram also has good spill so is actually usable, and isn’t just a pencil beam. It’s more like… pencil beam plus good spill.

Of course anyone who actually has the micro with the Osram, feel free to correct my assumptions if I am totally wrong.

I have other lights with nm1 with a little smaller reflector and agree with Luke Hale that there is usable spill. I’d go with nm1. The extra throw would be really fun with the tiny light. I had the mini with xpl and the out put wasn’t much more impressive then nm1 lights i have

osram…lots more throw

I got GT Micro XP-L NW in the original group buy and a copper GT Micro with NM1 a couple of months ago.

Both are fantastic. XP-L NW is a great tint, a nice round hotspot with indistinct edges. NM1 is a bullet hole, tight, sharp and CCW (Cold Cold White).

XP-L NW is nice and friendly, NM1 is all business

Osram version on the way. Thank you all for the input.

I hav the gt micro with osram, it has 750 lumens and 809 meters of throw from that little light. I would have 3 more if everywhere was not sold out. I love that tiny thrower, that nearly matches the throw of the Astrolus FT03 SST40-W, but can fit in my shirt pocket. Why I can’t find them in stock is a mystery.

Congrats. I’m really enjoying mine, too. What battery are you running in yours?
I also have a GT mini in Osram, but to be honest don’t see much difference in output between the two…if anything, the micro seems to out throw the mini!

I have been trying to find the gt micro in osram, where did you buy it? I want in! :smiley:

Only XP-L HI , but an easy swap away from an Osram! This light is perfect candidate for the HHL532.TK. Cheap and readily available at mouser. Keeps up with the CULNM1 on output and very DD/FET friendly Vf

Bought directly from Lumintop online store back in December. They were listed as out of stock at the time, so I sent an inquiry via email. Surprisingly I had a response within hours, they found a couple in their “warehouse”. Immediately placed my order as soon as they updated the website, and as luck would have it, it arrived Christmas Eve. I was pretty stoked.