Guess the place (the game)

See the curve, extrapolate that. It goes for more than 20km, all the way around.

Come on guys. I need help here on two accounts. Extrapolate and what this picture is. It would make a good place to hide from an angry wife.

I don't want to name the place, as I would misspell it anyways. It's quite hard to get that spot on. See Telegraph doing it right, well, at least two out of three..

I'll skip my turn, so if ^^ that's ^^ correct, the quickest member can continue.

I was close.

Yes it was at CERN many years ago.

Above - San Simeon ?

Close enough. Hearst Castle.

EDIT: San Simeon is the closest city to Hearst Castle, and many people (including Californians that should know better) get the two confused.

This place was on global TV in July.
It’s also in several movies.


From Robin Hood - the one with Costner,
and the Tour de France…


That’s just another of Carcassonne…

fortified city of carcassonne

Who’s up ?

If this qualifies, where or what building is this and name the person in the middle of the picture and what are they doing?

I can tell you its not the last AC/DC concert in Melbourne.

Ok. The secrets out. I think I've worked out how you guys are guessing some of these images. And I thought you were all clever. Well cleverer than I. Yeah I am a bit slow and dumb some of the time, well make that most of the time hence the Moose.

So what’s the answer to mine?

The Georgia Dome.
Boxer ? Preacher ?
Graduation ??

Somewhere in the US.