Guess the place (the game)

Let's start a new game here at BLF: Guess the place!


  1. A member posts a photo of anything, anywhere in the world (preferably a photo taken by the member him/herself - bonus points if there is a flashlight in the photo ;))
  2. Other members start guessing (/ knowing / googling) where the photo is taken, preferably with a link to map / street view (not required)
  3. The first member with correct answer (confirmed by the member posting the photo) can then post a new photo, after which others can start guessing again
  4. If the one with correct answer wants to skip turn (indicated by "I'll skip the turn"-post) or doesn't post a new photo in 24h after the answer was confirmed, the fastest member can post a new photo
  5. If no-one can guess the place in about 24h, the member posting the photo can give a hint (and 2nd hint, and ..)

So, let's get this started! I'll start with an easy photo:

Where is this photo taken? Who is the fastest to guess?

St. Maarten’s? :wink:

Correct! Your turn.. :)

I will post 2 for easy guess :slight_smile:


Wow. That was fast! :)

Wow u from Bolivia? :stuck_out_tongue:


I seen this program too many times

Ancient Aliens fans cool! Haha

So.. I guess it's AlexGT's turn. We had a good start, maybe something a bit more difficult next? :)

It’s in a city that starts with “M”

Will reveal the place within 1 hour!

Machu Picchu?

Mexico City!


Melbourne or Madrid?


Another tip…

It’s in a country that starts with “M”
In a city that starts with “M”
In a place that starts with”M”

20 minutes before I reveal the place…

Munich ?


Mongolia? Genghis Khan?