Guess which HID did i see at Dinodirect?!

LOL! Damn classic. This was my first light that i purchased nearly 6 years ago.

Too bad no more 20% disc.

Coupon Code: extra15xmas Extra 15% off storewide on orders above $100. Brings it to $106 to anywhere in the world. There is no shipping after you Add To Cart, though it shows at the main page. (Funny website)


$159, and for international you are gonna pay dearly.

Update, just in case anybody is looking for HIDs.

Another one is the Sanmak SM5200 on aliexpress.

The Sanmak might be a better option if you are thinking of upgrading, because it no only fits the slim ballasts but the big black ones too.

The Amondotech 3152 classic only accepts slim ballasts. But it has a bigger battery.

This option would put out the MOST NUMBER OF LUMENS for the LEAST AMOUNT OF MONEY. Get a SLA and you are in business of spotlighting anything. (ATV, front porch, property etc)

(BTW, it's a pair)

2100, it begs to be asked; what did you pay for yours 6 years ago, and is it still operating?


The Sanmak appears to be the overall better unit. I tried several Stanley HIDs from Wally-World, but the SLAs in all were sulfated, and runtime was worst 5 minutes, and best 15. Junk left on shelf too long.

Looks like alibaba express canned PayPal. Page says minimum order 11 pieces. Found a code for 10 bucks off, bringing the total to less than 100.00, but I'm not too keen on giving my credit card info online to a Chinese company, or purchasing 11 pieces. Will pass.

It's the original Amondotech 3152.

You can contact Mable Yao at the Sanmak Aliexpress store....through email you can ask for the Paypal address and complete the transaction via PP. I have done so just last week with Sanmak that way.

In the store there are items which are for 1 item only, anyway i thought the one i listed is for single item (ignore the bulk price). There is a per lot price in which you need to order multiple pieces....and also a min order 1 piece price.

Perhaps this would help (be careful of the power, choose the 55W ones)

My bad, 2100. I didn't see the 2 bucks off per piece for 11 piece order on the link.

Think I'll spring for the green 55 watter. It's bland color should keep prying eyes off it.

Thanks! I'll see if I may get the PP addy.

Well i'll just give the email address for correspondence to you guys. The PP address is the same. It is mable-export a t hotmail d o t com

Remember to ask them to put newsapers behind the reflector cavity, so as to support the ballast and prevent it from hitting the reflector should it dislodge. International shipping esp for big and somewhat heavy boxes like this is going to be rough.

BTW remember that for the US guys, you have the $75 Stanley HID option, but that's a 35W, small reflector plus low Ah SLA.

Thanks 2100! I got the 55 watter with the 5000mah battery. Many were listed as 2.5A, even with the 55 watt unit...not so good. I would prefer a 7.5A SLA, but looks like it isn't in the cards.

I'll not wait for Mable's reply to my email then. I was worried about shipping damage, as my TR-1200 arrived from DX tatty from pathetic envelope packing. GRRRRR!

EDIT: Well, I found a 10 dollar coupon to use. Guess I'll have to wait on Mable's reply, to see how that is going to work with PP.

Hey riderbike,the dinodirect one is 35W, not 55W. It has a 7.2AH battery though.

Seriously not much diff bt 5.5AH and 7.2AH, unless you are gunning 100W ballasts (in which you get slightly more output with the 7.2AH battery, and then again slightly more output if you are doing 12V external/modded....this has been tested by me via OTF ceiling bounce).

BTW, only the SM5200 can swallow the big 100W ballast. The Dinodirect one can only take slim ballasts, not enough space inside... hehe

No worries on Mable and PP, all bases are covered. I just bought the 13" humongous host.

The 10 dollar coupon I found was for aliexpress! I went through to checkout, and it took yesterday, but wasn't going to give my CC info.

Guess I'll just include the code with my PP note to seller. She (or is it a he?) surely wouldn't stop a sale for a valid coupon code, no?

EDIT: Coupon code no longer valid. Deal just wasn't meant to be...onward and upward!

Hmm aliexpress coupon code. Hehe…i never knew that. But seriously its 109 shipped to USA. I emailed her also so see if she gives you a good deal.

Thanks! I'll be waiting! Same bat time, same bat channel!

2100, here is the reply I got, from Mable (OK, not from Mable, but from someone I got passed-off to).

"Thanks for your email.

Please kindly note that PayPal terminated the service on on Aug. 3rd. You are kindly advised to complete the payment in other supported methods."

I think I'll kindly take my business elsewhere!

I bought the Mozo branded version new from ebay last year for roughly $65 shipped. Same freakin light!

Actually, I already sold it on ebay because it wasn't really getting any use. I sold it for what I paid, and it sold quickly! I'm thinking those Mozo clones were a smokin' deal and I didn't even realize it :P

The Mozo one is the 4 inch model. It went up to 75 bucks and after the few last units got sold off earlier this year, it never appeared again on Ebay. I am not clear about the previous prices, guess it was $65.

The 4-inch one is very small and is the same one at Batteryjunction under Ti Illumination brand. It also has Li-ion pack, but the pack contained slightly below average cells and wouldn't hold much of a charge after 1 year plus (like 10 mins run time only, original 20 mins) but it's cheap.

This one is the 6" model, also known as Amondotech 3152 6 years ago, after that Vector Power On Board (POB), all are from the same OEM called mozohid.

Can see quite a lot of info on CPF and various sites here :,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=e5b82b89f304671e&biw=1280&bih=824

I guess that's through the Aliexpress channel. FYI - Aliexpress still has ESCROW protection. ESCROW works in the way that payment is HELD by ESCROW until you received the received and inspected the goods and then only you can release the payment to the seller. If there are issues, you open a claim and nego, same way as PP. The difference is that Paypal already released payment, so you have an additional and powerful bargaining chip.

As for online security, my local bank and authorities needs 2 factor authentication, auth is done by my bank's VISA gateway, not be ESCROW, not by Aliexpress.

I have had 23 purchases from aliexpress and 2 screw ups, no worries. One was confiscated by the customs/excise dept and after 14 days returned to Sender. Sender issued me a full refund. So depends on the seller ratings as well i guess (as per normal).

Hope this helps. Anyway can email Mable directly via her hotmail and ask for PP.

I dunno if you have a Discover Card or not, but they offer one-time-use credit card numbers if you have a card with them. You just log in online and at the very bottom of your home page, they have secure online numbers. They are generated on the fly and can only be used once...

Actually, they carried both models. The 4" compact model measured at about 250k while the 6" (called Mozo Mega) measured at something like 450k I think. I read many of ma_sha's posts about spot lights. Trust me, Mozo branded the exact same spot light as this one; everything except the Titanium Innovations logo. I posted my photo in a 'For Sale' thread selling the Ti Innovations model. Although it's possible the battery pack was of less quality. I never owned it long enough to know. I remember the POB light that was sold at crazy low prices from Sam's Club or something like that a couple years ago.

My old Mozo Mega

Yeah, i have that model. It came out as Amondotech 3152, a guy called mthbnkab or something sold it in 2006. :)

No worries about the 7.2AH SLA, it costs only usd15.50 here to replace. heh....

It's the number 1 HID on the left...