Guys help me out with a Solarforce P60 drop in question

So I am buying the Solarforce L2T and am trying to pick out a good drop in when I found this. How is the drop in in that flashlight different from this. Seems to me like I could get a spare body for an extra $2 if I buy the complete skyray flashlight. Opinions?

You are assuming correctly for the added 2$. The lone dropin features an extra reflector tough.

Sweet. What would I do with the extra reflector? I could use an extra body more than a reflector I would guess.

One is SMO the other OP. USe which one you like better and stash the other. ;)

For 2$ more i'll take the body anyday over the added reflector. Personally i like the H-M-L 3 mode version alot more!

A yes SMO and OP. I would agree about the three mode but I will be using this as a gun light on my AR-15 and would like to have strobe. So I have no choice but to accept the 5 mode. One day there will be a 3 mode with the strobe I hope.

Weapon mount? Can't beat the Skyray 1JC8 by far. Emitter of choice, remote pressure switch at manafont for cheap. Since it is for weapon i could not look for anything else but 1 mode only. Multimode are tedious with pressure switch with momentary activation. A real PITA...

Anyway you could always mount 2 on a barrel. One 1 mode and one strobe only with a KD driver modified to strobe only (ask tido or some1 else to make a custom driver for you in the appropriate forum section). Just an idea.

I like the SkyRay body, very nice.

Thanks and very good recommendations. I do not use a pressure switch on my weapon lights. I use my thumb as the way I grip my rifle it is right behind the light. What I really could use is a 2 mode light. HI>Strobe. That would be perfect!!

Get the extra body, then make a DEFT-EDC clone from it. :)

I have an extra DEFT lens, if you need it.

Can you define DEFT? I am very intrigued.

Sure, NP.

Here's a link to a thread on this forum:

Link to the manufacturer:

The DEFT-EDC is a highly-customized P60 host that does about 40KCP from an overdriven XP-C (1.4A, IIRC) and aspheric lens.

Oh dude that is so cool. I think I need to do that!!

is the lens?

The maker, ahorton, sells a single lens for $35 shipped.

Does half of that sound fair?

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