[ GXB172 - 50W Single Cell 17mm Boost Driver! ]

A while back, there was some testing done around here of Nichia 144 quad die high CRI LEDs. They come in 6V and 12V configuration. But tint rainbow seems to be as bad as CREE in some cases.

The truth is, I’d love a quad E21A in my M2R… but my last try with these emitters in my H2R is still painful enough to keep me away from them :

Has anyone actually priced the components up for this driver? What $ value are we talking about once fully assembled?

Any updates about price and avilabilty?

This is a “build your own” driver. It is not being sold.

Oh man, rushed into google search after i post an interest into 12V emitter.

Thx for clarification. Will be reading carefully now.

But it could be nice if someone here mass produce these and sell the completed products.

I would be very interested in having some, but in 20mm. Now that I own some 12v XHP70.2 LEDs.

You can also check MTN E as Richard is offering 17mm, 20mm and 22mm boost drivers. There is also a H1-A driver. Not many choices so far.

Mtn told me boost drivers wouldn’t be available till November so I figure that means February


I have old TnC alu head and 17mm would be perfect. Don’t have time to build one but i’d be willing to send some $ someone

Yes, it sounds like perfect world. I would not hold my breath waiting, though. Lol
I still subscribe to this thread in case someone decides to make a small batch for sale.

Wow, so at least a couple months. Bummer. Did he say why? Maybe he has to focus on other things right now?

It was a brief email and I did not inquire further

Quite expensive, at least to make here in the States, I’m extremely leery of having JLPCB, for example, make these since China Quality is well known.
As I’d like to produce these drivers in limited quantity, I priced everything out where I work (SMT Prototype and Low Volume Production) here in the States.

For the first batch run of 100 for the 20mm 6V version, would run about 2600 dollars just to build. May get more inexpensive after that, but at least I would have absolute control over the quality of the boards as they go through, including localized supply of the boards and components themselves.

Well, either that or rebuying a host with 22mm socket and relegating the existing hosts for the less exotic LEDs.

Just dropped by and took a look at loneoceans' GXB17 and GXB20 page. How is that this driver was redesigned around the TPS61088 integrated booster? 20 W? :facepalm: The TPS61088 cannot go above 10 A input current, this poses a hard limit to the output power. It also is specified for 12.6 V maximum at its output, with 13.2 V overvoltage protection. So bye bye XHP35 (did anyone tested it?) or any other 4S emitter configuration.

So this project ended up as a design exercise and… anything else?

Well, the GBX172 is using a different boost IC, so it doesn’t matter much.

I never built or tested the GXB17 but the new version GXB172 was built around the Monolithic Power Systems MP3431.
It can do about 60 watts with a xhp35.2, 16 amps on the input side.

Oops! I see. For a moment I thought the driver was downgraded.

Dropped by because Hank33 asked me concerning a high power driver for XHP35 in a BLF A6.

I wouldn't rate it 60 W output with just 16 A input, the cell is not always going to be fully charged. With around 3 V and close to 20 A input it certainly can be tuned for 50 W, though.

Wellp, just not at this time for me. Thanks for the input.

That measurement was took only in the first few seconds of turn on. If you look at HKJ’s graph of the 30Q at 15 amp discharge in the first few seconds you can see it has more than 3.7v starting out. 3.7v x 16 amps = 59.2 watts on the input side. That’s not substainable but none the less it did do close to 60 watts for the first few seconds. I agree that 50 watts would be more of a good rating even thought the spec sheet says 40 watts peak at 3.3v.

Hi all,

After reading through this thread I’m wanting to give this driver a crack. I’d love to use an xhp50.2 as I’ve been able to find them in high CRI and the tints I prefer. However I can only find them in 12v. Has anyone used the xhp50.2 in 12v with this driver? What kind of current draw can I expect in 12v 1s configuration.