[ GXB172 - 50W Single Cell 17mm Boost Driver! ]

There is no 12v version technically. The 50.2 can be 6v or 12v depending on the mcpcb it’s mounted to. Are you only finding them mounted to 12v mcpcbs? Ask the companies if they can mount it to a 6v mcpcb for you. Or reflow it yourself if you can.

Ah ok, I was unaware that this was the case, that makes a lot more sense now. I was looking at bare leds that I was going to reflow myself.

You must have missed it.

More info down from there.
I never tried the 12V xhp50.2 but did try the 12v xhp35.2.

I did miss it! Thanks for that.

I have developed customized firmware for myself. Maybe, it will be interested for someone else too.

Too bad most of us are not able to build one :(

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Cool! But how it works ? Any manual?

I know, sorry. I will add the references to external libraries later.
But for those people who wanna try the is the tab with Releases , where you can find compiled files.

Ok, and maybe I will make a video demo.

I have added the external libs that in use in my project.

I wonder if can buy it somehow? I found 6 volts XHP50.2 5700K with 95 CRI and now looking for a suitable driver.

Convoy sells a suitable driver for exactly this

Link please?

These are the boost drivers Convoy is listing in his store:

All of them are based on the TPS61088 IC from Texas Instrument. With a 10A input switch limit, this is what poses a hard limit on the power and current output. The versions “for XHP70” are thus technically speaking maxed out, they are in fact a little bit above the maximum current I would choose for them.

The ∅20mm unit features a small 1R5 inductor. Since there are no tests of it I will refrain from being judgmental with it, but Kaidomain has the H1-A which is known good (and was even better in the past when it used a big 2R2 inductor, with higher efficiency and less driver heat).

There's no need to say that you can use the higher current versions with XHP50x emitters and enjoy higher performance.

It sounds like loneoceans has started creating the ‘lume’ series of drivers to replace GXB like the Lume X1, but it is only e-switch type.