H17Fx FET driver

I have a light with this software installed and love it. I want to purchase another one, but don’t want/need the FET turbo mode.

So, my question is can the FET be removed from the board without affecting the regulated levels?

I thought about just not using the turbo mode, but when cycling through power levels it can be easy to hit turbo accidentally. I use high drain cells like Molicel and A123, so turbo can cause a meltdown.

Usually the firmware disables all lower output pins in Turbo
But all other levels should still work

If its this one can it not be set in programming.

Yes, that is the driver I am looking at. You can program the levels to whatever you want, but you have to ramp up and down to do it. I may accidentally hit turbo when ramping up and poof the emitter. That is the reason I want to completely remove it.

I think you can remove it and it won’t cause any problems. Just out of curiosity what emitter combos are you worried about? And are you using LiFePO4 A123 cells?

Just desolder FET and you’ll have everything as it was. Only double tap won’t give you FET output but 3A max.


Yes, I use A123 and high drain Molicel. Obviously, the A123’s are 2S with a buck driver.

Thanks for all the help everyone. I placed an order for two of the drivers and will be starting my funnest and most in-depth mod yet!