Haha, T-shirt for budget flashlight carriers

Might have to get one of those ;-)


Hehe... I won't even ask how you found that...

Shenzhen is probably even less suitable for a "Flashlight holiday" than HK, lots of factories, electronics and parts but not that many flashlights.

I can see Foy wearing an 'I love Solarforce' T-shirt

Me personally, I'd wear a "NO Surefire" shirt, something with the red circle with the diagonal line through the word Surefire

Someone should come up with a BLF logo so we can buy BLF shirts and hats.

Something like this? ;-)

LOL Something with a BLF logo on it.

Other than flashlights and knives, I collect hats.

BTW, some pics from Shenzhen from when I was there the last time:

How about one like this?

or this?

or even

OOps, lost this one

I can't see the first pic but I do like the middle one. All are funny though.

There are a surprising number of flashlight-themed T-shirts in the web.

I like this one

More here on this site


mfm - Man, that's a lot of stuff in that second picture. Looks like a couple of PSUs on the counter, maybe some kind of switcher on top with an optical drive on bottom and bundles/piles of RAM in the case. Looks like fun.