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Haikelite H9

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Reviewer’s Overall Rating: ★★*****

Date: 5/12/23

Specs & Measurement Information:


9pcs - Samsung LH351D

Price in USD at publication time:



1x 21700 (Samsung 40T)

Waterproof Rating:


Switch Type:


On-Board Charging?


Charge Port Type:


Measured CCT:

3782k (on turbo)

Measured CRI:

65.5CRI (on turbo)

Claimed Lumens (lm):


Measured Lumens (at startup):


Measured Lumens @ 30 seconds:


Claimed Throw (m):


Claimed Candela (Kcd):


Measured Throw (m):


Measured Candela (Kcd) @ 2 meters:


My lumen measurements are taken using high-drain cells with a lumen tube & Sunche meter. Candela & throw measurements are taken with a Dr. Meter light meter.


  • Output meets specs at turn on
  • Build quality is good
  • Can utilize flat top cells
  • USB-C Charging


  • Gets really hot, really quickly
  • Quick step down on turbo
  • 3872k CCT on turbo - nowhere near the advertised specs of 5000k
  • 65.5CRI - nowhere near advertised specs of “high CRI”
  • Throw specs are nowhere near advertised claims

Summary: ★★*

I purchased this light under the premise of it being a high-CRI flashlight in a smaller form factor than the typical soda-can style light. You can run a single 26800 or a single 21700 in an adapter sleeve. I choose the latter in the form of a Samsung 40T. My initial impressions were that while the output was strong, the output color temp seemed much warmer than the advertised 5000k spec. The actual CRI is also coming in much lower than the advertised spec. A quick test with the Opple Light Master confirmed my suspicions.

The size and form factor of this light allows it to fit comfortably in a coat or jacket pocket, and I had no issues fitting it into some of the more oversized pockets in multiple pants I own. When I spent some time with this light recently, it gets very hot on turbo, even in cool ambient temperatures with a light breeze.

Versatility is essential to me, and the onboard charging is a big win in my book. I enjoy the form factor, and this will put a lot of light on something, albeit briefly. Unfortunately, this light doesn’t come near the advertised specifications in multiple areas. I’m curious if there was a bad batch of emitters. I purchased this to have a high-CRI and high-lumen light in a smaller form factor. Due to how it was advertised compared to how it performs in the real world, I’m giving this 2.5 out of 5. If you remove the high-CRI & 5000k advertising, I’d feel comfortable giving this a 3.5 or 4 out of 5. Buyer, please potentially be aware of this one!

*This light was not provided to me by any entity and was purchased utilizing my own resources. I have not been paid or otherwise compensated in any form to review this item, nor have I been withholding any problems or defects.

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