HaikeLite HT35 problem with tail cap contact.

I’ve got a HT 35 and have issue with the tail cap and how much pressure is put on the battery. I have to pull gently to exert a precise amout of pressure or connection on the battery to get contact and led to light. It is very strange that I can’t just screw the tail cap on tighten it and use the light. I’m using Samsung 30Q batteries that have a small button but I’ve place a 1mm magnet to ensure contact. Ive tried without the magnet and get no contact between batteries.
I thought it might be the tail switch so I took it apart, checked everything put it back together and same issue. While pulling back on the tail cap I can hear some crackling as the battery makes contact. I know this is something very simple I just can’t figure it out. I’ve built many flashlight and know how the components work and have never seen anything like this. What say you guys on what the problem may be? Thanks for your input and suggestions and wisdom.

Have you got the light to work yet? Just got mine in and I’m having the same problem. Sounds like it’s shorting out. Can anyone here help us out?

Have not had that problem with mine. I’ve never used 18650s, have you tried 26650s?

I used xtar 26650 protected cells in mine. I’m getting the same crackle at the tail cap.

I’m using XTar 26650 unprotected fully charged and it started working, still get the crackle but the light works like supposed to. I think it was one of the cells was not fully charged. Hope you get this solved.

No luck with my xtar 26650. Both we’re charged and I tried with and without magnets. I noticed it’s a discontinued item, so it probably had problems. I wonder if it can be fixed or modded? I like the design, unfortunately it’s a paper weight for now.