Anyone have any info on the new HT50pro?

HT50pro uses the similar head of HK05, which is 76mm. HT50 head is 72mm.
It uses similar 4x of G50 leds in HT50. According to Haikelite spec, lumens output is 8000lm, intensity is 600kcd.
HT50 specification is 6000lm, 500kcd.
And HT50pro supports PD fast charging.
Battery is similarly 3x21700.

[quote=DENGOH] HT50pro utilizza la testa simile di HK5, che è di 76 mm. La testa dell'HT50 è di 72 mm. Utilizza 4x di LED G50 simili in HT50. Secondo le specifiche Haikelite, l'emissione di lumen è di 8000 lm, l'intensità è di 600 kcd. La specifica HT50 è 6000lm, 500kcd. E HT50pro supporta la ricarica rapida PD. La batteria è similmente 3x21700. [/quote]

Thank you so much!

But is it possible that an 8000 lumens, 600kcd light could only cost $ 60 dollars? I have the normal HT50, I paid $ 50 dollars for it and its performance is incredible with its Yinding 5050 leds, how does Haikelite offer this quality at this price?

I have the Haikelite MT41, which seems basically the same as the newer HT50, just with CSLPM1 LEDs instead of the yinding 5050’s.

It’s an awesome light. Haikelite claimed 6000+ lumens and 1400m on it but according to tests I found it was ~5600 lumens and 1160-1200m throw. I totally believe the throw from my experience using it, but I suspect it’s closer to 5000 lumens as I don’t see 4x W2’s making over 5200. Still, around the same throw and as bright/brighter than an SBT-90.2 would do in a similar sized bezel, and with much better W2 tint and a bit less heat. I think I paid$50 for it used, and it was maybe ~$60-65 new.

The HT50 claims about the same as the MT41 - 6000 lumens and 1400m. Same 4x 18650 body. It probably similarly throws below that. If I remember right, I don’t think the yinding 5050’s out-throw W2, they just throw similarly with more lumens. So I’d expect it to be very similar to the MT41 but with significantly more lumens and a bigger hotspot.

The Haikelite lumen claims seem to be theoretical values calculated from the LEDs, and not OTF.

This HT50 Pro (which I can’t find for sale anywhere) seems like the same thing, but apparently moves to 3x 21700 which maybe provides the yinding 5050’s with more power? And that’s how they get those higher figures? According to this test which I know is of the “different” yinding 5050 without the metal plate (and I think the metal plate one performs better), I guess you could assume they’re thinking ~2000 lumens per LED which seems reasonable theoretically. I still doubt it will hit those higher spec, but maybe a bit more if they’re getting more power from the 3x21700s. I suspect the higher throw claim is coming almost entirely from the larger 76mm head.

I will note that the convoy 4x18650 flat top to button top adapter works perfectly in my MT41, so I’d assume it will work in the HT50, and there’s a good chance that the convoy 3x21700 adapter will work in the HT50 Pro.

I don’t know, but they do. The same could be said of Convoy, and some other brands like JinHeng.

My MT41 has great build quality, and performs very well. The switch is a little cheap feeling, the usb-c rubber flap isn’t the best I’ve seen but has never failed and works well, and there’s no electronic lockout, but overall it’s really nice. The rose gold color is nice.

The Yinding 5050 LED’s aren’t very expensive, which likely keeps costs down, and they’re clearly using a LOT of the same parts on a lot of their lights, so the only new component for this HT50 pro might be the reflector. Of course it’s just a FET driver too I’m sure.

[quote=alumenum] Ho l'Haikelite MT41, che sembra sostanzialmente lo stesso del più recente HT50, solo con LED CSLPM1 invece degli yinding 5050. È una luce fantastica. Haikelite ha rivendicato oltre 6000 lumen e 1400 m, ma "secondo i test che ho trovato": https://www.taschenlampen-forum.de/threads/haikelite-mt40-mit-cslpm1-leds.81236/ era ~ 5600 lumen e 1160-1200 m di lancio. Credo totalmente nel lancio della mia esperienza nell'utilizzo, ma sospetto che sia più vicino a 5000 lumen poiché non vedo 4x W2 che superano i ~5200. Tuttavia, più o meno lo stesso lancio e più luminoso/luminoso di un SBT-90.2 con una cornice di dimensioni simili, e con una tinta W2 molto migliore e un po' meno calore. Penso di aver pagato ~ $ 50 per l'usato e forse ~ $ 60-65 nuovo. L'HT50 afferma più o meno lo stesso dell'MT41: 6000 lumen e 1400 m. Stesso corpo 4x 18650. Probabilmente si abbassa allo stesso modo al di sotto di quello. Se ricordo bene, non penso che i 5050 yinding out-throw W2, semplicemente lanciano in modo simile con più lumen. Quindi mi aspetto che sia molto simile all'MT41 ma con molti più lumen e un hotspot più grande. Le affermazioni sui lumen Haikelite sembrano essere valori teorici calcolati dai LED e non OTF. Questo HT50 Pro (che non riesco a trovare in vendita da nessuna parte) sembra la stessa cosa, ma a quanto pare passa a 3x 21700 che forse fornisce più potenza agli yinding 5050? Ed è così che ottengono quelle cifre più alte? "Secondo questo test": https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/68542 che so è del "diverso" yinding 5050 senza la piastra di metallo (e penso che quello con la piastra di metallo funzioni meglio), immagino che tu possa presumere essi' ripensando a circa 2000 lumen per LED, il che sembra ragionevole in teoria. Dubito ancora che raggiungerà quelle specifiche più elevate, ma forse un po' di più se ottengono più potenza dai 3x21700. Sospetto che la richiesta di lancio più alta provenga quasi interamente dalla testa più grande da 76 mm. Noterò che l'adattatore convoy 4x18650 flat top to button top funziona perfettamente nel mio MT41, quindi suppongo che funzionerà nell'HT50 e ci sono buone probabilità che l'adattatore convoy 3x21700 funzioni nell'HT50 Pro. [quote] come fa Haikelite a offrire questa qualità a questo prezzo? [/quote] Non lo so, ma lo fanno. Lo stesso si potrebbe dire di Convoy e di altri marchi come JinHeng. Il mio MT41 ha un'ottima qualità costruttiva e si comporta molto bene. L'interruttore è un po' economico, il lembo di gomma usb-c non è il migliore che abbia mai visto ma non ha mai fallito e funziona bene, e non c'è il blocco elettronico, ma nel complesso è davvero bello. Il colore oro rosa è carino. I LED Yinding 5050 non sono molto costosi, il che probabilmente tiene bassi i costi, e stanno chiaramente usando MOLTE delle stesse parti su molte delle loro luci, quindi l'unico nuovo componente per questo HT50 pro potrebbe essere il riflettore. Ovviamente è anche solo un driver FET, ne sono sicuro. [/quote]

I totally agree with everything you wrote, I thank you for the info you posted and I must say that I too have the MT41 and the difference with respect to the HT50 is that the latter has a more intense, wider and more regular hotspot due to the round shape of the Yinding 5050 led and at the highest number of lumens which produces about 1200 more or 300 more lumens for each of the four 8A LEDs. HT50pro is a fantastic upgrade and I think that as soon as it is available online from some seller who ships to Italy I will buy it because like all the products you mentioned, you too, Convoy and Jin Heng, Haikelite also has an enviable quality-price ratio.

Any other flashlight is using this LED?


I also have a Haikelite MT41, and you’re wrong, it has an electronic lockout.

To activate the electronic lockout, turn on the flashlight, activate the turbo mode with a double press, and once in turbo mode, press and hold, alehop, there you have the electronic lockout.

To deactivate the electronic lockout press 3 times in a row and hold on the last one.

Your welcome :wink:

Please do tell who this is and where we can find their stuff? Always looking for sick bang-for-buck deals.

[quote=DENGOH] Qualche altra torcia utilizza questo LED? HT50Pro !{width:100%}https://lh3.googleusercontent.


Oh wow, Thanks! I had no idea.

You can forgive me for not finding it, having to access it from turbo is a bit strange! But hey! It’s there!

This is their “flagship” model, I have the SFT40 version that is unbeatable for the price.

I guess they’re also known as JKK. Only place I know where to find them is kaidomain: http://kaidomain.com/search&search=JKK

Seems they’re more available inside china. Fogofwar on here has/had quite a few of them and seems to like them. Others seem to think the quality is good for the price.

Specifically the JKK76 is basically a budget Manker MK38 with 1 less LED. There’s an SFT-40 version (~16000 lumens and ~1100m throw) and a version with SFN55.2’s (~23000-29000 lumens, 770m throw). Both slightly under $100.

Interestingly the SFN55.2 version has a 3000k option available. So I’d imagine it’s just about the brightest 3000k light you can buy.

Here’s the BLF thread about them: JKK76 7*SFT40 and 7*SFN55.2

I also think the JKK80 looks pretty cool, there’s a 4x XHP50.2 version for $56, but I’m interested in the 4x SFT-40 version for $70. 3x 18650 form factor. Basically SP36-sized but a thrower hybrid. 8000 lumen claim, and you could probably get close to that with some high drain 18650’s. No throw claim but I’d guess around ~750-850m given the 51mm bezel.

Their UI seems a bit basic though, and it’s hold for off. So it won’t be for everyone, but for the price and what they are it’s okay I think.

Edit: Bombay beat me to it!

The JKK has 2 modes. With 3 presses you toggle between the modes. One of the modes has a normal press for off, but it does not have turbo in that mode and it also uses it for strobe.
Other mode is long press for off and has turbo. This light is such a beast that turbo is not needed for much.

I use it in low mode and it outperforms a lot of my lights on turbo mode.

Ah yes, JKK, I do know about them and have been eyeing the 3000k JKK76 in clear ano. I wasn’t aware that was the builders name. Thank you. And you too Bombay.


Thanks. That’s one cute little light.