Haikelite Products Upgrade and Improvement Official Announcements

Hi everyone

From many customers’ feedback Haikelite flashlights are getting better and better, but still have some aspects and details to be improved.
We have been trying to summarize all the imperfections and would like to hear the suggestions from end users.

The purpose that We open this thread is to publish the upgrade and improvement for some Haikelite products.

#1. New Batch of MT03 in stock ; White Color available ; A little change with the switch plate. Completed

#2. New batch of MT07 in stock next week ; Changed the reflector to SMO reflector ; Emitter upgrades into XHP70.2. Completed

#3: As to SC01/SC02/MT01 , Clicking too fast or too slow wont turn on the light occasionally. We have improved the switch programing , The occasionally clicking-fail wont happen any more. Completed

Haikelite is too busy with other new products . But we want to keep our mind open to receive all the Criticism and feedback.

So if you have any idea or thought about haikelite, please post here to let us know.

White MT03 is sick!

Dear HaikeLite-team,

good to hear, that you make your products better and better ! :+1:

I own or have ordered nearly all of your flashlights ( 10-15 pieces) and I like them a lot.

But many people have problems with the lockout-function (SC01, MT01) and think, that the flashlight is damaged because it`s not working. Maybe you could change the UI for lockout…
This could be a important upgrade.


i hate you HaikeLite

I waited for a year when your first light production (MT03 and MT07) had issues then 2 weeks ago I bough 4 lights now u announce an upgrade >.<

Good to see manufacturers striving for perfection and seeking honest feedback!

It doesn’t really matter. You will spend for 10 more in near future :slight_smile:

im staying away from this brand.

i rather spend money one something else that doesnt release new version every month.

Recently orders are upgrade version

The other issue i had with my recent MT03 light is that their quality control is bad.

There is a dent on my light which I’m yet to contact banggood.

I also paid for insurance and Im not sure how they going to address this issue.

Seems like your 4 lights are upgraded versions. Do you feel any better now? :slight_smile:

not really .

The new batch of MT07 have smooth reflector whereas mine is OP which i received about 2 weeks ago.

Still waiting second MT07 on the way

I’m happy to see that you’re listening to your customers too. :+1:
I’m yet to receive my first HeikeLite light, but I have one complaint already.
Stop inflating your numbers. It’s really disheartening to buy a 150 kcd light and then learn it’s 70kcd. Frankly, I didn’t believe 150 kcd, but nevertheless hoped for much more.

Which product model? I refer this to QC

The first batch of MT03 released a year ago had problems with the 4S configuration, so only 2S2P was offered since then. Any chance you could go back to 4S again, just like MT07S?

MT02. 70 kcd is from a review
If I knew the real number, I would consider MT01 instead….and probably get MT02 anyway. But I would be more satisfied with it.

I would like to purchase a SMO reflector separately for my MT07 with OP reflector.
Would preferably ordered it from banggood.

I would like to purchase a SMO reflector for my MT07. Is that possible ?

Suggestion: improve your spring soldering. Many people, including myself on my MT02, had springs fall off very early on.

If you upgrade the MT07 to XHP70.2, then it makes sense to upgrade MT03 to XHP70.2 as well? People might be hesitant to purchase MT03, worrying it will be updated to XHP70.2 soon as well.

can we buy SMO for MT07?