Haikelite SC02 failed the other day...

So, my SC02 was found to have a dead cell… odd had not self discharged before. So, I replace the cell and plugged in the USB charger and it reported full? I knew the cell was stored at 3.8v, I verified it with a multi-meter. Upon further inspection, I found a trace visibly melted on the underside of the USB charging board.

So, are they still around and if so… any chance to get a replacement board?

Has anyone seen this happen before? I really like this light and would hate to have to can it.

Yes, they are still around.

Just contact Dale to get a replacement part.

Well, sent out a bunch of PM’s to folks that might be involved the same day I posted this and I have gotten nothing back! I am really bummed about this, this was not a cheap light and not a low quality light. Maybe I did not get to the right person?