Handmade AAA Copper Tube Light

This little one is made from some 12mm copper tube, copper squares, magnets, an extendable aerial and an old aluminium marker pen using only small hand tools. :slight_smile:

The light slides apart so is held together via friction and neodymium magnets soldered to both the driver board and switch contact which hold on to each end of the battery.
I used cold bluing solution to make it look antiquated.

Three mode memory driver, 0.9A, 0.4A and 0.10A
XM-L2 4C on Copper DTP MCPCB in handmade aluminium pill
Reverse clicky tailswitch
Modified TIR Optic (floody)
Weight with cell 39g

I usually modify lights but this is my first built from scratch (or bits n pieces really) :wink:
Sorry i did not take pictures during the making.


Thanks, it was about the only option i could think of without the use of threading.

Got to love the look of aged Cu. Great job by the way.

Very clever way of holding the light together. Great job!

Very VERY nice!

nice and clever build!

I love it. I’ve always considered making a tube light out of copper plumbing pipe, but could never figure out how I would access the battery without the ability to make threads.

Nice job! Enjoyed the pics.

Nice work!
I think every modder has at least thought about how to make a light of plumbing pipe.

12mm Copper tube? That is one tiny (skinny) light. Great light you have built from scratch using your own mind and tools at hand. I love every bit of it. Now for the million dollar question. Whats next? :slight_smile:

Congrats on a good looking and handy creation.

Excellent work! It’s been a while since I’ve seen a thread on a copper pipe light.

Bump to the top, this is what makes this forum great! Super

Nice light…. Creative I guess!!! LOVE THE PATINA ON BOTH!!! BEAUTIFUL! TL

Love it! Thanks for sharing!

If these were for sale, I’d definitely consider buying one… :cool:

CRX - that is just lush. I love the industrial look.

Well done,


I’m with you here Beachlogger. Its certainly a change from some of the shenanigans thats been going on lately. :slight_smile:

Pretty clever! :THUMBS-UP:

Wow, this is VERY cool! Fantastic work, CRX. Would be so great if at some point you could do a write-up of assembly and where you got the parts. What’s the inner tube you fashioned that the copper tubing slides over? Is it aluminum?

I could see this easily being used as a flashlight prop on some minimalist sci-fi production.