Happy Birthday Foy!

I hope you are having a great day.

Happy birthday!


Happy FoyDay !!!

Now all we need to do is cut off one leg and count the rings....

Happy birthday Foy!

Dear Foy,

Happy Birthday!!

Happy birthday. Thanks for all the great reviews, looking forward for more great reviews from OlderMoreMaturedFoy...

Thank you everybody.

Older, yes.

More mature? I keep waiting for that to happen but . . .


Happy Birthday Foy.

Happy birthday!

Happy BirthdaySuitDayFoy.

You don't sound a day over 30...

I hope you didn't forget to make yourself a nice birthday gift. Like for example...., hum, yeah, a flashlight maybe?

Happy Birthday Foy!

Happy B-day. My b-day is actually tomorrow!

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday to Foy!

Happy Birthday Foy!

If Counting your Birthdays you Are

You're Another year Better by Far

And if You've gotten Fatter

It does Not really Matter

And You're only as Old as you Think you Are

With all of the Lights that are New

We Wonder , Just How will they Do ?

We Salute you Dear Foy

And Share in Your Joy

With Every new Light you Review

Happy Birthday , Flashlight Foy

Happy Birthday Foy!!!

Happy Bezelday Foy!

Yeah happy birthday, buy yourself something nice maybe another Solarforce.

Happy Birthday, Sir Foyyof Nottingham!

(Hope you get something you like, maybe something that is paisley.)