Happy Hallowe'en! (a bit early...)

I just explained why it is.
But let’s settle for moral inconsistency then, if that makes you feel better.

hmm… maybe a lack of morality then.
It seems it’s only about the letter of the law to you, so to speak.
But then still, it is not me being rude when i quote “sh(it)”.
It’s different when i would write it myself though.
It’s also a matter of intention and even context.

I know. For 2 years i have been disgusted with your signature pics.
I accepted it to be just my problem, because i’m one of those crazy prople who are not amused by depictions of sick and twisted serial killers.
But then you got on my case for quoting “sh(it)”.
So that’s how this started.
It seemed only fair to explain it to you also.
It seems that’s still where we’re stuck though…

Just trying to get a point across.
But i’ll give up now.
I tried, and that’s enough.

When every post is an excuse for massive and constant advertisement.

Always with the negatives waves…

S m i l e…

I apologize for sounding so grumpy.

I am physically and figuratively sick and tired.

Are you referring to the Negative Waves Scenes from Kelly's Heroes Movie?

Of course. Awesome flick…

Disagreeing is okay, but not getting it is why some have tried to explain it a few times.
But i agree it’s not offensive anymore now. :+1:
Good move to remove the killer pics, thank you for that.

You keep on yammering about it.
Knife mass murderer depictions are not family friendly.
The rules you like to hit others with are there to keep this forum family friendly, aren’t they?

Well, i’m sorry you don’t like it. But you could have avoided it yourself.


What is it you expect?
You say i’m beating a dead horse, but it’s you who keeps the horse alive.
But i guess we both do…

So we both suck a little sometimes…

Wellp, Manson family…