Happy Hallowe'en! (a bit early...)



Happy Halloween!

I haven’t done Halloween since I was a kid.

Celebrating death for children…
It’s a strange holiday, isn’t it…

We’ve got pictures of knives & psycho killers in knife attack position in your sig, now you’re posting pics of people stabbed pinned to the wall…
Doesn’t bother me coming from Scotland :innocent: but it’s a bit strong for a family orientated Flashlight forum.
You would probably get ripped for having that stuff on a knife forum.
Just my friendly opinion.
I didn’t mark you rude but can see why people would.

Plenty people know someone or have themselves been stabbed so the images could be considered triggering or very upsetting.
Just trying to let you understand this as it seems you do not, plus it was mentioned elsewhere.
Like I said, it doesn’t bother me at all although I do find that type of admiration strange.


It’s actually “so bad it’s good”.

Funny how the same guy who runs OCP also runs Silver Shamrock. :laughing:

Even funnier when you see the kid’s head turn into bugs. :smiling_imp:

What's OCP?

EDIT: Nevermind.

I think it's a reference to RoboCop.


Originally it’s a shortening of “All Hallow’s Eve(ning)”, ie, the night before All Saints’ Day.

But if you go to the roots, it’s based off Samhain, the feast of the harvest, “celebrating”(?) the latter half of the year (autumn to spring), marked by… you got it!… the fall harvest of all the crops.

Yeah, Daniel O’Herlihy played both parts.

Okay, I'm finally watching Halloween III.

I'm about half an hour into it.

So far it's more mystery than horror.

The music is pretty good.

I probably won't know how much I like the movie until it's over.

EDIT: I saw it all now.

That movie qualifies as horror, but it is pretty bad.

I would not recommend it to anyone.

But least it wasn't boring!

Yeah, sorta like Passover with all the candy of none of the guilt.

Not pretending, bro.
Just trying to point out the hypocrisy of being offended by “sh…” and maybe even by “crap”, even when it’s in a quote,
while advertising your passion for death, horror and terror in adult entertainment, which should be considered rude by your own family forum standards.
That’s all.

That’s the Hallmark version of history. :wink:
Either way, Halloween as we know it now is all about death and horror. That’s the theme.

No not really.

Couldn’t tell that by the kids in town earlier and at our door tonight, drizzle didn’t slow them down at all.
No walking between stores/houses only run n skip and yell.

Happy Halloween!

Anyone ever use a flashlight to light up a carved pumpkin?

West Hollywood, CA has a GREAT STREET party going on right now. Too bad traffic, road closures make it not possible to enjoy the fun. Happy Hallow.