Happy Hanukkah to all !!!

As Hanukkah begins at sundown tonight, I would like to wish everyone here a Happy Hanukkah.

Since it is the "Festival of Lights," I find BLF a particularly suitable place for these wishes.

I'm hoping the Menorah is one old-school light that doesn't go LED, but they have tried:

Happy Hanukkah!

Is it odd that we're not Jewish but have a large crystal Dreidel?

Use to display a Menorah even & I now know the proper order to light it. Menorahs (plural) are still in the cabinet I bet.

Nothing wrong with covering all of your bases, I suppose.

The see-through dreidel is cool.

cool, it offends my eyes

My uncle Saul was in that business but he finally went bankrupt .

We all watched his dreidel business slowly spinning out of control .

Happy Hanukkah!

חנוכה שמח

Chicago X, I hope that means Happy Hanukkah in Hebrew. If not, blame Google Translate Smile