Hard wiring a Laptop

As the subject says I’m getting a new laptop for Christmas and i was thinking of using my old laptop as a backup as it works OK except for the battery doesn’t hold a charge anymore and the lead in the back needs twiddling all the time to make a good connection, so i was wondering is there a way to hard wire the lead into the laptop has anybody tried it? or is it a bad idea period.

haven’t tried. don’t see why you couldn’t, but it might be easier to repair the jack than to hard wire.

I assume by 'lead' you are referring to the power cable...

I did this once and it worked poorly. The built-in Jack and the power plug provide a bit of strain relief, and if you hard-wire the power plug to the motherboard, you lose that and will end up yanking the traces from the board. Also, the contacts you must solder onto are extremely small, and it's difficult to get a good joint with the heavier wire from the cable. My first attempt to be to open the laptop and attempt to fix the plug connector. I would try to re-flow the solder on the power connector/system board junction to see if that fixes the issue...

Thanks for the advise , it is the power cable i was talking about, if it’s a non-runner so be it, it’s not going to be used as a laptop as such once i get my new one it will be just left upstairs near the printer sort of making my printer wifi .

I think this will work. With good insulation and a strain relief I see no Problems.

You can get new ac adaptors off of ebay for $15 and your local computer repair shop may have some even cheaper.