Has any body ordered from Joy Guy .com

Has anybody ordered from joyguy.com? My favorite P-60 host is still my old Hugsby S3 and I was looking for an S2 but this is the only place I can find one.


This site has great pictures and descriptions and many lights I have not seen anyplace else. If anyone has experience ordering here let me know what you think or if you know were I can find one of these from a known trusted vendor that would work to.


I noticed they have the Ultrafire 3 mode XML drop in with an OP or smooth refector.



I have never ordered from them, or heard of them, but I hope someone chimes in here with info. I want that S2. My Hugsby P31 is my favorite light. I didn’t even know they made a P60 host. I’d kick solarforce to the curb for that one.
Qualitychinagoods has it with a xenon dropin http://www.qualitychinagoods.com/hugsby-policemilitary-tactical-xenon-flashlight-p-1061.html For $16. I don’t know anything about qualitychinagoods either.

They look a lot like a superior version of the UF-501b. If you just want the host:

Ebay shop from joy has them. (Link 1)

another Ebay store Link 2

Ali has it cheap. Link3

A far superior version of the 501B is correct: better coating, better threads, better knurling, better lens, better switch and the head weighs about twice as much as a 501B head resulting in much better heat dispersion. I real like my old S3, but I won't run 3 batteries in line, so the 2 17500 batteries it takes limits it's useability. I have left it firearm mounted for over a year now, so I would really like the 18650 size light to play around with.

I am not a big fan of e-bay but that will probably be the way I go if I don't hear back about joyguy.com.

I might try my luck with that Ali-dealer. I like the 501B/C series form-factor-wise, but the built quality is only mediocre. Have you tried some high power dropins in your Hugsby? How is the heat management?

Joy Guy is on ebay as JoyBay, I have ordered stuff from them successfully.

some of his prices on his site are stupid high .. c3 stainless steal for $26

Langcjl, i have ordered from quality china goods several times with no complaints. Ordered Xtar MP1 chargers from them for less than 7$.

S2 ordered from QCG for $15.19 (5 % coupon for first time order)

i have no idea about the basic circuit, above 3V or below? and the price there really make sick. need to chang another site.

qualitychinagoods is just the retail version of szwholesale and they are both owned by the same people as Xtar.

WOw! Look at the reflector on this Hugsby - 56mm head diameter! http://www.qualitychinagoods.com/hugsby-3mode-lumens-2x18650-cree-flashlight-fcg8-p-1697.html

Too bad it's only a Q3. I bet with an XR-E R2 it would be a monster thrower and a lot of fun with an XM-L in it!

Overall, in spite of a good selection, most of his stuff is old and the prices way too much.

My Hugsby S2 from Quality China Goods ordered on the 06/27/2011 arrived today, but this light can't take CR123 as described on their website here. The battery tube has an inner diameter of 13.6 mm so there is no way that 2xCR123A with a diameter of 16 mm would fit. Not even AAs with a diameter of 14 mm would fit . So their description is wrong.


That is really strange, did you try and load the batteries like the picture shows n the box. Let me get my S3 and take some measurements.

Battery tube diameter is 21mm and head diameter 28.5 mm. Dropin is not a P60, but a generic one. Wow , you are right it is a front loader and no 18650 would fit... only 123 batteries. What a horrible design. So I have to remove the dropin every time when I want to change the batteries? Dropin diameter is 23 mm opposed to 26.5 mm for the P60 dropins I have.

I have a P60 drop in in mine. I will check mine out in a little while and post some pictures.

My S3 takes 3 cr123 batteries so I put 2 17500s in it but I did not have to load it from the front yours is different.

I think the price is on the high side.