Has anyone ever seen this before ?


Just an odd body shape .. this guys lights are somewhat odd , his descriptions are terrible or non-existant as well.

500 lumen Q5, heh.

"No refund if we received your negative/ neutral feedback."

Is that even allowed with eBay policy? lol

Nice looking light, but... no led pics, no inside/pill pics... Don't know. The also include 18500 batt LOL

Package includes:

1* Cree Q5 500 Lumen Torch

1* 18650 Battery

Amazing …if you go to their web site the light is 300 lumens …amazingly it gets stronger and stronger …it just proves that only the really good lights get put on e bay …

It must be a TR-801 cousin. Same tailcap or just very similar.

I thought that too.


230 lumens here. More realistic.


eBay generally doesn't take kindly to sellers trying to game their oh-so-elaborate DSR system. Their support sucks and their abuse team is usually asleep at the wheel but when sellers mess with the DSRs, they tend to get rather irritated.

Not the same light body wise.

I am not sure the product is the one you need.

It appears Hayley is a psychic..

This light was purchased by me ona total whim and when it arrived I was pleased to see the packaging in great shape infact packaged so well I really didn't know what it was ..on opening it I noticed the head was askew ..tilted to the left a bit and then realized the top threads had been cut so deep they went right thru like it was intentionally cut with a pipecutter .it was cut thru 98% and was held by a whisp of metal ..Absolute trash and a horrible trashy design . My friend said it looked like they had used a body tube meant for another flashlight since it was threaded inside and outside of the body tube at the head .. very odd indeed .

Save yourself the headache .. it's a horrible design . even the fins on the outside of the body are sharp like a cheap computer heatsink ..thin and sharp ..bad design ,bad idea on my part .Sadly they have nothing else worth buying ... that should have been sending up red flags before I bought in the first place ..Avoid places with zero descriptions ,lack of specs means they have something to hide , or it's not worth talking about .. arugh !