Has anyone modded one of these types of lights?

I was looking at these lights and usually they a light and a laser (hard to find one with a green laser) and they look alright but they all have sucky emitters and low output and such. Can they be modded to decent output? They will prolly be floody…but that is fine. Can they be modded?

Which lights Dweano?

These lights.

Happy Vagueness Day!

Just guessing here, but one of the tacticool light/laser attachments?


I believe I have something similar to this on one of my ar-15’s.

Edit: I haven’t got mine out in a while, but from what I remember it is quite blinding at the intended range. Setting it on strobe is almost too bright for any indoor application.


What…you guys can’t read my mind? Haha. Yeah unknown is the correct guesser! Are they bright? I was looking at cheap chinese versions (this is budgetlightforum right?) and they didn’t seem all too impressive. I was wondering how they would be on a shotgun outside when a raccoon is messing around on the farm!


is what i was thinking of

Everything can be modded…

Someone here recommended one small gun light with a xre in it and said it is nice in stock form, I think it was from wallbuys or fastech or so
It had no laser but I am not sure why you will need a laser on a shotgun with a light…


I have this one http://www.amazon.com/Streamlight-69230-Strobing-Tactical-Locating/dp/B0037AHXR8 It’s at least a year old… probably 2-3+, my memory is horrible.

Probably accurate at the estimated 160 lumens. Having acquired all these new lights in the past few months… not worth it at all. It’s comparable to this light New Utilitech 4xAAA Light at Lowe's USA, Go get one. but the utilitech has more output…

Honestly I would just get a Jacob A60 or similar throw light and mount that on the shotgun.

200 lumens isn’t enough for me outdoors, unless it’s pitchblack. Even then the throw is measly on these little things. For indoors in relatively small spaces I would say they’re okay. As for the ones linked from DX… I have no idea.

Yeah I was just thinking outloud…thinking about a small little light for a compact shotgun. Then possibly a laser to help with aiming when it is harder to see the sights. I was just thinking outloud as obviously the best way is to get a big boy light and mount.