Has anyone spotted Cree XML2 on sale??

Wondering if anyone has seen the Cree XML2 emitter or a flashlight based on it on sale……are they released yet even though Cree has announced about it?? I’m excited about it, definitely could use more efficiency and higher lumen output! Especially in my Trustfire X8 XML-T6 torch and in my Wooden Torch



Plenty of variety

Approx. how much more output will it provide…say for example in an XinTd C8? I am trying to decide if it is worth waiting (if it is ever even used) :party:

20-25% for equal bins. Meaning that:

XML2 U2 is roughly 20-25% Brighter than XML U2
XML2 T6 is roughtly equal to XML U3

Thought of another way, The XML2 will make roughly 20-25% less heat for the same number of lumens.

It’s a pretty decent upgrade.


Take a look right here: Brightness Bins - Flashlight Wiki

Between a XML U3 and the new XML2 U2 there isn’t a big difference, but if you have a T6 right now, it might be worth it (although you won’t say “damn, that’s so much more light”).

XML T6 3A: 910-975 lumen
XML2 U2 3A: 1119-1193 lumen

I was planning on ordering the NW T6 so do you think I should wait?

Thanks for the links, anyone knows how to read the Part number information

This is the number for a 5700K cool white LED, How can I read what tint is it?


Can these leds be resoldered to a regular XML base?

Edit: The last two are the tint group so E2 corresponds to 2A, 2B, 2C or 2D Tints

On page 11 of this link has the table for chromaticity


Too bad they are on order and with an estimated ship date of 3/7/13

Illumination Supply already has received a reel of XM-L2 U2s, so I would wait and order from him.

Did he say what bin and tint he got? I didn’t see them on his web site

I know it was U2, not sure of tint. They aren't listed yet though.

I Sent CSSHIH from Illumination Supply a PM on CPF, I’ll report when he answers back

AlexGT, you didn't need to do that. They're already up.


Not on stars though, but he said that originally.

Does Illumination Supply offer a BLF or CPF discount?

Thanks for the link. I just ordered 2 of them. I will compare them to my 1A U2 as soon as I get them.

Just ordered a couple too. Going to put one in my Olight S10-Ti, and the other onto an Led-tech copper star in a 4.2A P60.

I am going to wait for the 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D Tints, hopefully they will be out soon

If you are satisfied(who’s kidding who?) with the output of your current led, the same output with the U3 will give you more run time.


How difficult is it to swap out on an exist PCB if you can get at the board?